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I think it's very exciting as well, still completely hooked, think I watched 9 out of 10 games last weekend.

The RM-Barca battle is not yet exciting, they are simply two steps ahead of everyone else and haven't met any decent opponents yet. (well, with one obvious exception)

But, what I find very exciting at the moment are the crises that Atletico and Villarreal are experiencing. Villarreal miss Marcos Senna badly, and Rossi and Llorente have been very poor so far. It could take a while before they get back on track. Even more interesting, we have the poor Pathetico in huge trouble. Their president is, to say it lightly, an idiot, and the balance on the team is simply awful. Their central defense is horrible, Pablo and Juanito are slow, Ujfalusi too and although he wasn't impressive, selling Heitinga to Everton does not seem to improve the situation, and the defense in general is way below the quality of the other top teams. I think they will get severely punished at the Vicente Calderon, fans against them from minute 1 and the opponents counterattacking - average Almeria with the not-so-tall couple of Piatti and Crusat inflicted some serious damage, while Racing should have won their game. If just their powerful attack gets worse as well, it could be a very fun year.

Down at the bottom, Xerez are simply doomed, poorest team in Europe does not seem only to be a statistical fact - at least I believe they're close to it. Zaragoza have surprised me negatively as well, Arizfuera continues with his incapability of scoring goals(the two he got was a tackle goal and one of his volley things he had here as well) In the game against Valladolid especially, Pennant gave him one sweet pass after the other, but nope, nothing. Didn't expect otherwise, but the fact that Uche has yet to score surprises me a lot. (Injury now I think, but in the first couple of games)
Anyway, the team should definitely be strong enough to stay up, but I don't believe they'll reach Europe at all. I however think this of a lot of teams, Almeria, Athletic, Malaga and Osasuna too seem to fit this category.
Final promoted team, Tenerife, has a decent chance of staying up. Like Numancia last year, their home ground is strong, they only need to add a few more points away as well.
Mallorca had some easy games, but despite being above where they should be in the table, they do not look like a team that will be in trouble. Gijon look a lot stronger this year in defense, looks like a team capable of staying up. Racing should be a bit worried, I think Geijo is a bit too far from the level of Zigic, but has been a tough schedule so far. A couple more games will show things more clearly.
Getafe shocked me yesterday, would like to know how much did they paid for Pedro Leon. Finally there's Espanyol, if Sahar, Callejon and Coro step up their game, they look quite strong, unfortunately. I'd put us around the same category, wrote another post too, we just need to start getting into a good rhytm, then this team has great potential. But a bad row of games and we could be in trouble. Above us, Valencia looks bad in defense, Villa-Silva-Mata is, however, just too much quality. Sevilla look to me like they could repeat their isolated third position from last year. Not enough to get up to the big two, and the teams behind haven't showed good enough signs so far.

So, all in all, very excited for this season. Sporting v Zaragoza in just a minute.

1-0 Sporting. Quite undeserved and lucky, too.

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