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Default La Liga | Valladolid v Deportivo | 14.12.2008 | 17:00 | Pre-match comments

One of the toughest encounters of the season next weekend.
Valladolid are frightening at home, having collected 16 pts. out of 21 possible (5-1-1), just like us.
There, they have really beaten good teams, with Sevilla and Real Madrid one of the latest. Especially the Sevilla game was impressive, and before their game at Bernabeu yesterday, they had only allowed four goals away in five matches - three of them at Jose Zorilla.

Things doesn't get better, when taking in mind how good Valladolid have been lately. Amazing comeback against Osasuna yesterday (0-3 to 3-3 in 25 minutes), and the destroying of Mallorca and Villarreal before that.

They've got Goitom up and running now, and along with their good midfielders in Canobbio, Sesma and the like, we've got a tough game on our hands.

Where we can be happy and hopeful, is because of our great run lately and no European games in the midweek.
If we get Guardado and Lafita in a high gear, we can hit them on the counters, and maybe get a game like against Betis.

All in all though, it seems like a tough task. Draw would be absolutely fine. Especially taking in mind we have a more important game next Thursday.

I can't deliver the statistics like caabrego, but we played Valladolid in the Copa in 06/07 at their stadium, getting a 1-1 with a goal from Filipe, and a 2-2 last year as a part of that horrible start of the league.

Of course a last mention that deserved to be posted, is the fact that we can surpass Real Madrid in the league with a victory, and if they lose/draw at Camp Nou.
It's gonna be very tough to do that however.

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