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Originally Posted by valeron21
We are obliged to win this game cuz we have to defend our honour and dignity !
Depor must face santander with very offensive scheme with 2 strikers, wingers and a playmaker.
We can give some minutes to the young players as well. Definitely JR and Tomas mustn't play as starters. Rki and lassad must play as starters, behind them valeron and on the wings guardado and alvarez (or lassad to the right side and Adrian as central forward next to riki)

If you don't want to put JR and Tomas as starters in the defensve middlefield

who do you want to put

son of the turtle ? the turtle is juca his son sergio !!! put him and the team will be slow

Tomas is good so he should start

I doubt depor can win this game ....only if we play with a very offensive scheme .......goals will come wither we play defensively or offensively ... so at least let us choose the offensive scheme at least we can score goals and get at least a draw

I just want a draw ......however I think well actually am sure but I don't want to admit it lol that Racing will win
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