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Another remark: Lopo has been dreadful in the past two games and his defending at Alavés' goal was terrible. Marchena should return to the line-up. Unfortunately I don't see that happening either, because it's well-known Marchena and FV don't get along.

Toché and Borja playing at the same time... Two strikers with the exact same profile. That's about as stupid as playing Alex and Wilk together at the same time. Luisinho who wasn't working out in attack while MP was getting pummeled at the back, why didn't he change them? Why isn't Juan Carlos playing? Why is Ifrán starting instead of Toché or Borja? And Alex has been shocking since his return from injury, why on earth is he still in that line-up?

So many mistakes, it'd take hours to list all of them. This line-up sent shivers to my spine when I saw it.

Anyway, the match against Eibar is easily the most important one of the season. If we lose, we'll suffer tremendously to finish in one of the top 2 places. If we win, we only need 1 more win in the last 3 games to force both Las Palmas ánd Eibar to win all of their remaining games, which is never gonna happen. So a win against Eibar and we can get the campaign ready. 6 out of 6 against Eibar and Numancia and we're in Primera, no doubt. Come on dudes, one final push.
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