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Racism is racism. It's hating the other just 'cos he/she is different... there's no other definition... It's true that it might be more "evident" when dealing with people with different skin color, right, but there's also racism within Europe... Not all Europeans are the same, and that's great, but for some ass****s this seems to be a problem... well...discusting...
And yes, R.Madrid Ultras used to display nazi symbols, Spanish flags from the Franco regime (with the eagle), etc. in the stadium. Obviously fascist, obviously racist...
R.Madrid directive board never paid real attention to that... especially with President Mendoza... With Florentino the thing changed... not really 'cos he gave a damn, but 'cos there had been serious complaints... When the Spanish hight court of justice notified that those symbols were anticonstitutional (i.e. illegal) they were "forced" to tackle that...
Sad but true.
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