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Rik, I try to paint you another picture than Spain being the clean and magnificent team you wanted them to be....

Before we get discussion nr.500 on how Van Bommel (on several occasions) and De Jong (one time) misbehaved: I already recognized that what they did was absurd and both could have been sent off. It's one example of how bad this referee was.

I’m flabbergasted you write this:

So basically, if Iniesta honestly feels like he's been fouled, then going down isn't a dive.

You've really cornered yourself when defending the behavior of Spanish players. So now it's ok to dive if a player 'feels he's being fouled'. Oh boy....... We’re going to have 23 referees on the pitch and diving suddenly has become acceptable. I’d like to hear Hari on this, who’s a lover of clean football.

Look at this:

Van Bommel doesn't touch Iniesta. Iniesta makes theatre. He dives, grabs his legs. A wonder medicine cures his injury. He steps up and gives Van Bommel a push. How small this might be, there's no ball in play and could/should have been a red card. And now watch Van Bommel with his theatre. That's football in 2010 apparently, and includes your team and your players, Rik.

I wonder with all these discussions, why Webb's biggest and most decisive blunder isn't mentioned and that is giving Spain the ball instead of the Dutch team near the end. Sneijders's shot hits a Spanish player and the whole stadium sees it, but one person doesn't...

As others persons write here:

Last free kick of sniejder during extra time reflected the arm of Spain player...but it wouldn't be corner kick?? and after that Spain scored! If the dutch could have the corner, thing may not turn out like this
Before the goal firstly Torres wanted to assist Iniesta, and at that moment the Catalan was on off-side... A deffender cleared the ball to Fabregas, but the lines-man should have waved, Webb should have whistled.
Sorry that I thought it was you who labeled Iniesta ‘smart’. Of course, it was our Belgian friend who did that…..

I just don't think that going down easily when fouled (or even if not) should be treated as kung fu kicking people with studs up, stamping on peoples feet/legs or coming through the back of people like a steam train. One causes mild annoyance whilst the other could potentially wreck careers.

I agree with most of that. But I don’t accept in football that we justify one behavior with the other. Again, the Dutch started kicking and fouling.

But if that’s your opinion, I find it curious that Melo’s attack on Robben hasn’t been commented by you at this forum. Even so if our Belgian friend openly writes he was hoping for more damage…. Gregory, are you 100% sane?

And it’s easy to pick the case of both Robben and Xavi kicking the ball away. Every case is different. The first, if I remember well, was with the score 0-0 and Robben already in the books, and the second with 0-1?

At least you’re not a completely black/white thinker as our befriended Feli….
Dear me..... The Spanish flag must have completely blocked his sight and mind!

Villa, slapping against Honduras, suspension? Anyone? Goal against Portugal? Offside? Anyone?

Villar??? I should have listened to you, DepHun......

And now the hypocrisy of 7 Catalan players winning it for the Spanish team...

Allright, I couldn't let go all of this. But I promise I eat my laptop if I reply here once more!

I don't agree much with Cruyff. But this time I do, when he calls Spain the deserved winner, the Dutch game being brutal and harsh and he has nothing positive to say about Webb.

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