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Originally Posted by Chris
With all due respect to our fans from far afield, I'm talking about the fans who the club has more of a direct impact upon i.e. those who attend matches.

To George:
Chris and me were talking about people in the stadiums, who were said in Manchester wide open, that if they don't like the things at the club, they can leave at any time. Or I would say, me was speaking about them, and I suppose Chris did the same, but I can't really understand his English.

For the players and mainly for the managers this is really a business, yes. But not for the clubs (and its owners). And when clubs and owners are doing anti-supporter, anti-local customer, anti-ultras things, (just like the new owners of Cardiff City), it is even harder for themselves. Let's hope the Asian market is gonna save the European traditional and non-traditional clubs, and the same thing is not gonna happen, as in F1, that the best athletes leave Europe for better business. Although Europe would deserve this.
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