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Originally Posted by DG

The crowds in Spain (and Italy) are much more passionate about their teams than in England. I mean, get a picture of the crowd at a Manchester derby, or a Man U - Arsenal game... and compare it to El Derbi or the Milan/Rome derby's. If you do this then you'll see exactly what I mean, and I don't see how you can criticise?

hi dg

you mention the big derbies in spain and italy and they are indeed full and very passionate. the point a few of us are making about the crowds though is that it is really only these big games where you see the passion and high attendances in spain. the bernabeu is like a church in a lot of liga games. i once stood up to politely applaud a goal (i'm not a fan obviously but i thought i should), NOONE around me stood up. i couldn't believe the indifference. its this kind of big game attitude i hate about la liga. where is the passion in only really getting into champions league/derby/top team games.

also, just listen to the few spanish players who play in the premier league. i think you'll find most of them agree that the english crowds are more passionate.
check out this website too. an excellent stats site. have a look at attendance figures and especially the percentage of stadium full
epl -
liga -

check the lower divisions of english footie too for the really passionate fans! germany have had some amazing attendance figures this year

my ideal football have

english crowd
english speed
english committment
spanish skill
spanish attacking style
pierluigi collina refereeing
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