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I would prefer the spanish crowd they are the ones who burn the things.....

the main differenceis in EPL: is the long cross from near half way line into the penalty box and hope the striker gets it in...or theres some deflection of teh post and the ball somehow gets to the striker..or take a wacky long shot from outside the penalty box...cross across wings and then slowly attack.( Arsenal are ok in this respect cos none of their players can cross so they play along the ground)

But la liga has it all....Plus its in la liga where they 4-2-3-1 most!!!!!.....I love the formation...5 attacking and 5 defending...I have seen many teams follow this hardly any team in gives you som much flexibility plus frees up the wings where you need it most and lastly triangle is there always to shoo off the guy attacking...The only disadvantage is 1 striker...but thats minor thing considering we have good strikers in la liga!!!!

ESPAGNA FOREVER!!! EPL is borinnnnnnggggg no class at all
When the world comes crashing around you, GO UNDERGROUND!!!!!!
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