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Luis Fabiano
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Luis Fabiano is off the scale

Originally Posted by deporik
Your post consisted of 2 photographs and had nothing to do with the game just played.

Considering your form Luis, you might want to consider not antaganising any mods

Besides, Forum Rules pull rank on Freedom of speech.(you dont even need to google that) Don't like it?? I won't try and stop you from hitting the cross in the top right hand corner.

awww come on Rik, it had everything to do with the game since it's all Lotina's fault

and what's this about my form? ^____^;; pls pm me to explain since I'm sure I haven't pissed off anyone before, unless I did somehthing without meaning it xD
Originally Posted by AS
Depor, however, would be a nimble boxer, with waist, one that moves and moves, but when it comes the time to decide, is incapable of hitting the opponent.
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