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It's better than last year's abomination, but it's still pretty bad. The game makes no sense whatsoever. Players are so out of place, and make such terrible decisions, it's ridiculous. It's much less worse than last year, but still. I'm talking about the 360 version here.

Fifa also made some big improvements, and I love the new way of defending. Easily the best football game ever when it comes to defending. But there are still plenty of huge problems when it comes to attacking. Players never really run where they are supposed to run. Much better than last year though, just like PES. 2011 really was a terrible year in terms of football games

The problem football games are having right now, is that they're trying to get as close as possible to reality. In the older games, where it was very clear you were playing a video game, these mistakes weren't as obvious, because well, it's just a video game. But now they're really trying to copy real-life strategy and tactics, and at times it's still painfully obvious that the AI isn't on the same level as the graphics at all. Players move and run more realistic in Fifa, and the flow of the game is really starting to resemble real football games, and as a result, the unrealistic shortcomings just stand out more and more.

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