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You really think player positioning is bad? Mind you, I play on PC, but I think this is one of the stronger sides this year of PES. Attacking wise, you're in complete control now with the teammate control (wish FIFA would adapt this, then things would be quite amazing), and defending wise, much less positioning mistakes compared to previous years.

With controls, agree with FIFA's defending being probably the best system ever made. But indeed, attacking could be much better, mainly because the AI often feels useless.

One thing I like about both games, too, is the difficulty of the games, and in that regard, it's quite realistic. Could be that I'm just bad at it, but if you try to apply high pressure, chances are (at Top Player and World Class for me, let alone Superstar), that you will be run over and concede loads, and unless you are really adept at the defensive system, you find yourself forced to play relatively compact.

The way the games seems to be heading is that FIFA is going towards "more realistic" whereas PES, with the quite flowing attacking football and the at times very awful goalkeeping mechanics, has more of an arcade feel. Question is whether it'll continue this way, the funny thing is that things were reversed just 4-5 years ago, but the introduction of the current FIFA engine has made it relatively not so.

Still, the games have their flaws before reaching a truly realistic level. But for that we won't just need new engines, new controller types, too.

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