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Originally Posted by Riazor warriors
agree with you, i got the PES 2012 & i found some ridiculous mistakes in defending, u can see the defender run to the attacker instead of the ball, & the players are so out of place specially in defending, many fouls & many own goals, if u play vs the computer in Top player they can score fouls from anywhere which is unrealistic...!!!

Terrible game Imo
That's exactly my biggest gripe with Pes as well Your AI teammates only have eye for the ball. This is very often painfully obvious. If an opponent makes a run on the wing towards the corner flag, and your AI teammates should be running towards the corner flag, he just runs towards the exact spot the ball is at the moment. Because of this, your AI players always seem to make huge "curves" in their run. As a result, it's impossible for them to catch up to the player in possession, and they're caught out of position all the time.

Also, the keeper is só horrible, it's unbelievable. Fifa has its flaws, but to me, PES is unplayable. When I concede goals on Fifa against the CPU, I often think, well, not much I could've done about that. On PES 2011 and 2012 however, 100% of my conceded goals are a result of a large string of glitches and idiotic AI. I don't even feel good about the goals I score myself, because 80% of those goals are a result of terrible cpu defending, and even more glitches. Almost every time I score, I think, that would never happen in real life.
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