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Thanks to all.

anuroc, you're totally right about the Sevilla match, 1-3 in the 2nd matchday of the season. But the victory against Madrid was probably the big BOOM, because had a lot of impact, not only for the local, but also for the national/international press and media. That's when they really started to consider us like a real threat/alternative to Barįa and Madrid. SuperDepor already existed, after 4 consecutive wins in the start of the season, but the 5th victory, against a big rival like Madrid and after a comeback, was the definitive confirmation and consolidation of SuperDepor.

Btw, I've just added some matches more:

In the historic matches part:
- Depor-Sevilla 1999/00 (5-2), a win that gave us the leadership of the table. That season we'd be champions.

In other full matches:
- Tenerife-Depor 2001/02 (3-1)
- Depor-Celta 2005/06 (0-2). (not very glad to find this one) A young David Silva scored the 1st goal (with the hand). FV, on the rival bench, saw the red card at the minute 39.
-Tenerife-Depor 2009/10 (0-1), away victory against Oltra's Tenerife.
And from this season 2012/13:
- Valencia-Depor 3-3
- Levante-Depor 0-4.

I'm also changing/editing the links for the matches vs Tenerife of Promotion 1989/90, and for the Depor-Madrid 1993/94, trying to improve a bit the poor quality.
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