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Originally Posted by valeron21
Definitely we must play with 4-4-2 scheme. It's very intersting scheme for our squad and we are more sharp upfront with 2 strikers. For this match - I saw from the 50th minute - and I can say that I am very angry cuz we lost 2 important points. The game wasn't so bad, but we can improve a lot of ascpects in our style of playing. I saw our central defenders were out of positions and made gray performance, the side defenders too. I am glad to see Perez with good pace,techique, ambition and a lot of running. Riki was man of the match again. I think we must play with 4-4-2 and in midfiled to put a strong defensive players as JD,JR and one more offensive like Valeron, and on the wings - Guardado and Perez (or Alvarez). This scheme is optimal maybe

Iavn was good today ..... but whats the use when you over come 3 players then pass it to a turtle(sergi)o to re-pass it to you ..I think most of you saw the play where sergio didn't manage to control the ball and pass it

Tomas should be playing with eoither JR or JD

today the players were really relaxed like they are playing the final of champions league next week and they don't want to exhaust their self haahaha
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