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This tie isn't going to be a walkover. I'm more nervous about this game, than the malaga one.

Deportivo is in a great run, has boosted confidence, and some individuals has leveled up in this past month, especially Pedro Sanchez while Cartabia, Alex and Carlos Fdez has been energetic.
But Mallorca too is in great form. I thought they were the better side in the 1-0 victory at Riazor. I believe Mallorca's biggest strenght is their experienced midfield. Salva Sevilla can both score, make assists, and initiate a pass-to-assist while Marc Pedraza is very good at recovering the ball, and break the attacking play. Also Mallorca's offensive front isn't bad at all with Lago Junior on the outside, and Prats making noise in the box.

Mallorca hasn't allowed a goal from fluent play since 11th of may. The three goals conceded since the game against Gimnastic(11th of may) has been on penalty(Depor), Set piece(Granada) and a free kick(Albacete).
It's not going to be an easy task. We all know that very game gets more even when there's a high price at stake, so I expect a really competitive and close two games, possibly without a winner in both of them.

If we lose this tie and remain in Segunda for another season I'm quite fearful for what's going to happen with the team. Cartabia will probably move on, I could see Quique go to La Liga, maybe even Exposito and the - already - small chances of getting Carlos Fdez for another year decreases.
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