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Originally Posted by Filip
I'm looking forward. Spitting should have always been a yellow in my book, Covid or no Covid. It's disgusting and unnecessary. There are no more gentleman in football.
I quite agree about spitting, covid or no covid, it should always be a yellow card in my book as well, same like insulting players, referees, fans, cheating, diving, losing time, etc

Sometimes we tend to forget how important football players have really become for today's society, in terms of behavior, as many of them are heroes and idols for the masses, and so, an example to follow for a lot of people, specially kids

If Messi or Cristiano spit, insult, cheat or dive, we will see in the following days and weeks many children doing the same, when playing football with their friends

Things that are totally disgusting and unnecessary. And yes, it seems that there are less and less gentlemen in football day by day, we could say, by the way

Originally Posted by DepHun
About the isolation in training camps: it seems to be a good idea, if they wanna really ruin La Liga, we could have seen Diamond Princess luxury ship, the American and the French Warships, all the pensioner houses in Spain, Italia, Sweden and Belgium. One cleaning lady, one food-courier guy, one chef can infect all the players within a few hours. One mistake and the whole liga is cancelled.
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