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Originally Posted by ggeorg
I'm not sure...if so, why the tv companies that make ads for the tv show (that a football game is) show so many images from the fans in the stands? Atmosphere in the stadium is good for the tv product as well.

But definitely, technology has improved, there is no need for actual fans to make atmosphere, Tebas is already searching such solutions.
I meant, that I consider, that those who never/hardly ever went out for game, but watched them always on tv, could be much more fine with it to watch a football game without any audience. For them: atmosphere is fine, but the most important is the game. And there are quite a few from us, who does not deal with it, if a Boca-River game has worse quality than a Fabril game in Tercrera, we want the athmosphere.

I think, I am with Miles. I get sick from the different leagues and UEFA for pushing to keep on going for financial reasons, while people still die in the neighboring hospitals. After this I am gonna watch more ligue 1, NL and BEL league, if they start ever, as a respect for their decision.
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