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You're in a league with 15 other teams and you have to try and manage them successfully.
There are hundreds of things you can do to manage your squad, some will improve it, some will make it worse.

You can pick your starting 11 and your 5 subs from a squad of 20.
You can pick your formation, the type of boots your squad will wear and the type of football your team will play.
You can set the aggression levels that your team will play at should depend on whichever referee you have.
You can use tactics to try and outsmart your opponent.
You can use advanced tactics to get you out of a hole or counter your opponents moves.
You can choose what type of training to give your squad or whether to even have training.
You can give them a night/day out like a pub crawl or a trip to the beach.
You can buy players in the transfer market.
You can choose your captain, your penalty taker, your free kick taker and your corner taker.
You can play friendlies or private leagues against anyone from any league on the same server.

Alot of new managers won't do all of that and some of those will require credits but it's up to the individual really.

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