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1902. José María Abalo Abad, who had been studying in London, came back to A Coruña with an university degree... and a new sport, that he would introduce in the town. and creating a team in 1903, named "Corunna FC", playing in the bull ring. The first "serious" match of football disputed in the town was in 1904, when a local team named Corunna FC faced with the crew of the British ship "Diligent". Corunna Foot-ball Club (yellow and black striped shirt, white shorts) was formed in 1903, and its name would change to Coruña FC, later Real Club Coruña, but its level was decreasing and finally disappeared a few decades later. During the first years, it was the big archrival of Deportivo.

1906. The history of our Club begins this year, in which the "Club Deportivo de la Sala Calvet", was formally constituted in a prestigious Gymnasium of the Galera Street, in the heart of the city. Sala Calvet was, in the last years of the 19th century and the first of the 20th, the most important A Coruña sporting center: a gym where, under the direction of Federico Fernández Amos Calvet, was taught from the technique necessary to fight a duel to sword, saber or foil (the specialities of the founder), to other sports like trainera races, cycling, athletics, running, jumps and other gymnastics specialties of the time. In the city of A Coruña, who wanted to apply the famous "mens sana in corpore sano" should go to the Sala Calvet. It's clear, therefore, that among the first footballers, probably should be large numbers of students/members of Sala Calvet. It was precisely in this place, the key fact for the creation of which in time would be the RC Deportivo.
One day, some footballers of Coruña FC, students/members of Sala Calvet, discussed with the athletes on the excellence of their respective sports. As the argument/discussion escalated, and started bets, it was agreed to move it to the «field of honor»: athletes and footballers would face in two matches of football. The expectation was immense. The surprising result: the athletes won the first meeting (2-1) and tied the second (1-1), and the enthusiasm was such that on March 2nd, 1906, founded the Club Deportivo de la Sala Calvet. The Real Club Deportivo was born, although not exactly with the current name yet, until 1912, when the name of the club was changed, adding to RC Deportivo the name of the city instead Sala Calvet, the name of the gym. Deportivo was a club opened to all classes, while his rival Corunna FC was much more related with the rich class. There would be a big rivalry between both teams for several years. Of course, there were also friendly matches vs teams of other cities, like Vigo, Ferrol, Pontevedra, and later some regional competitions.

1910, our 1st official trophy. After winning the provincial championship, 1-0 vs Coruña FC and 5-0 to Sporting Vigo, we qualified for the Spanish Championship in Madrid. We played vs Español de Madrid (now disappeared, but competed with Madrid and Atletico by then). We surprised everybody, and the match was 0-0, but in the last minute, when our GK De LLano was going to block a shot, suddenly the bar fell down over his head, and the ball ended entering slowly inside the goal. Inexplicably the goal was given as valid, things that happened in that age, and we lost 1-0. Our 2nd game, vs Barcelona. But the rivals didn't arrived at time for the match. The Spanish Federation was going to disqualified the catalans and give the win for us, which automatically would have given the runner-up title to Deportivo. But the spirit of football in those days was very different from today, and our club, like gentlemen, prefered to wait for the catalans to play the game. Barcelona finally arrived, and were very thankful for Deportivo gesture, but then had no mercy and showed their experience and superiority winning 5-0, passing to the final, which they won 3-2 vs Español de Madrid. But Deportivo fair play had a reward. The Spanish Federation equalized our classification with Español de Madrid, runners-up, and also awarded with 11 silver medals, plus a grant of 500 pesetas (3 euros). Only 4 years after the foundation, and Deportivo already was among the most important clubs.

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