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re: [Latest News]

stuff the history! please! theres nothing I hate more than watching a game on telly and hearing endless scores between the two teams. how one of them has won 20 times out of the 30 games played and yadda yadda yadda. its just done to fill the time with shite commentary and on its to fill pages with shite content. i mean if theres 'nothing to write about just dont. it doesnt boost optimism to know that 'recent matches played at the Camp Nou, Irureta’s men won three out of four of them.' - hows that going to help? EVERY sodding time the webpage cheers for a cup victory over third division side we apparently meet Albacete and Liverpool with new confidence. And EVERY time they do that Depor fail miserably. '

The team just seem sloppy! You just dont draw Albacete at home. Its never an excuse when you say that they had a disciplined defence or f-n creative midfield. Why arent our team disciplined? When theres little competition for your place in the squad you go crap. thank god Tristan is back from the injury.

Ive just had just about the crappest day imaginable and theres things to do in the evening which are bound to be even more so, so im sorry my tone is si harsh. but then again noone will be bothered anyways.

I love my Depor and I want them to make me feel like I did for 2 weeks after they beat Milan this spring. It just hurts to see them at 10. And Ive always liked Irureta too but Im thinking its time for him to go. Its too far into the season to say that we havent had any luck.

rant over. good night. fingers crossed. but im sure a token surprise result (like the win over RM was) clearly wont bring any change, so before we get two back to back league victories that show quality football lets not even consider mentioning the new beginning.

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