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Originally Posted by ggeorg
Well, Kalman, maybe in Hun they did bad business, but i'm sure that in financial terms there could be done profitable business...
watching the minuses of RMCF, Barca, ATMA, Vale, Juve, Inter, Milan, and most of the Brit giants, I should deny this.

Today on every single EPL match there is 4000 supporters less there, than in 1968. That is 40,000 per round, and is one and a half million people per season. THose 1,5M people have found another sport, or another habit. Maybe some other millions can follow them in finding something outside football.

But from the giant leagues, Italy (who always follow the Hun trends , since 1920's) is the best/worst example. They succeeded to chase away 6M people from the stadiums in the last 30 years... Bagatelle

To Chris: I would rather make a revolution, than to write a book. But I am with you, there are always gonna be people who are satisfied with the shiiit, there are gonna be others like the everyday Italians and Huns, who just don't appear any more in the stadiums, and very few who start the useless debate with club-owners and FIFA/UEFA leaders...
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