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Originally Posted by DepHun
watching the minuses of RMCF, Barca, ATMA, Vale, Juve, Inter, Milan, and most of the Brit giants, I should deny this.

those are minuses for the clubs, but not minuses for the billionaires around football.
If a club has minuses, because CR7 and his managers earn 30M per year, that doesn't mean that there wasn't an influx of 30M from fans/customers/etc, only for CR7 and his managers

Originally Posted by DepHun
Today on every single EPL match there is 4000 supporters less there, than in 1968. That is 40,000 per round, and is one and a half million people per season.

pfff, you keep counting supporters by seats in the stadiums? If we calculate the actual supporters (those that pay, either with a ticket, or tv-subscribtion, or merchandising, etc) the numbers are much higher today.
A QPR-Chelsea EPL game has 15.000 fans in the stadium. Does it mean, that the income for that game, comes from 15.000 people?

From 15.000.000 is closer to the truth
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