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I’ve just some final comments to make here before I eat my laptop…

And there especially dedicated to Gregory.

My friend, this icon sums it up when I read your posts at this Forum….

You ask me the question why you dislike Holland and indicate that even with good football you like to see the team being kicked out. Furthermore, you ask me why I bring up that you’re from Belgium. You’re being quite honest with saying your anti-Holland. But apparently that has nothing to do with football. That sounds like someone at this Forum who disliked everything that has to do with the English.

I question your intelligence.

To me, you’re the typical member of this Forum who has made this a negative place. You’re posts about this subject seem to be based on hate and anti-feelings and I feel for you. It must be difficult to carry those feelings.

Intentionally going down isn’t diving according to you, but experience…. Does this really need a comment?

You know why I bring up you’re from Belgium. You’re probably in your anti-years and it’s so simplistic to take a neighboring country as victim. If you’re so clearly biased, why enter a discussion? Isn’t it enough for you to enjoy a loss of Holland, as it’s probably the best thing which has happened to you recently?

Netherlands, second of the world….. Belgium?
I will give you the past 20 years to come up with an example!

I’m glad you’ve spoken to the world population and conclude that every neutral person was hoping for a Holland loss.

Annoying players? What have Van Persie en Heitinga to do in your list?
Dutch players qualify for your list with every step they make.. Oh, watch out! Gregory now dislikes you!

Villa hits an opponent in the face, and you don’t really care.

How Spain were given an advantage against Paraguay? Because a Paraguay goal was disallowed and the reason still isn’t clear to me.

I’m not talking about offside at Spain’s goal, which it could have been. I’m talking about possession of the ball which Spain never should have had.

Two invalid goals of the Dutch against Uruguay? Bring them on.

Dutch fans in a Belgian studio… Really, that argument of you convinced me!

The fact that you don’t have anything to say about Iniesta’s push and you wanting Melo to break something at Robben, sums it up for me what kind of guy you are.

This podium is only yours from now on to vent all your frustrations.
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