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disaster but hopefully this would be wake up call for Garitano, poor tactics and did not know how to react and have the best XI out of our current squad, if VSDA were still here, we would at least 9 or 12 points by now ... Sadly for Andone that he does not have a goal

and for Tino Fernandez, I think he knows what he should do if this poor performance continues ... Marcelino is out of work after leaving Villareal and Paco Ayesteran is not a bad coach (at least much better than Garitano, at this point of time ... his Valencia was just unlucky despite the fact it was delightful for me to see them struggle)

my XI from now if we play the game that we need a 3
Lux - Juanfran, Sidnei, Albentosa, Luisinho (No Navarro, pls) - Mosquera, Alex (no Guilherme whatsoever or Borges, they can forever stay on the bench) - Colak (on the right), Fajr (Playmaker), Moreno (left) and Andone for Striker
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