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Default Fantasy F1 2016

Fantasy F1 2016
A new season starts in less than 2 weeks. Xose and his Blue Nation of fans will be defendng the title which he has won for 2 consecutive years now. DK Blanquiazul will be looking to go one step further than his runner up position from last year while previous Champions, Rack and deporik will looking to return to winning ways after coming 3rd and 4th respectively. At the bottom, Marci will be hoping that the wooden spoon goes to someone else.

Remember, all you have to do is pick one team and one driver from each group from the budget available. All entries along with your team name need to be in by 0600 (GMT) on Saturday March 19th 2016. (That's the time qualifying starts for the Australian GP)

You can copy and Paste this and then fill it in:
Forum Username: Team Name: Group A Driver: Group B Driver: Group C Driver: Group D Driver: Group A Team: Group B Team: Group C Team: Total Price:

The Drivers and teams have all been put in Groups and you have to pick 1 driver from EACH group and 1 team from EACH group. That should give you 4 drivers and 3 teams.

Each driver/team has a price and you have a budget of 60m.

Points can be scored through finishing in the Top 10, securing Pole Position, getting the fastest Lap and finishing in a higher position than you qualified.

Points can be lost by retiring and finishing in a lower position than you qualified.

Team Captain - You can also assign one of your drivers as Team Captain, which means he will have his points doubled each week. This would be great if he scores lots of points but not so good if he retires in the first few laps. Team Captains can be changed for each race but if you feel like you don't want to nominate a captain, you don't have to. The deadline for picking your team captain is at the start of qualifying of each race. If there is no change of captain, you keep the same captain as the previous week (or no captain if you didn't previously pick one)

How to score/lose Points with your Driver:

1st=50, 2nd=40, 3rd=30, 4th=20, 5th=16, 6th=12, 7th=10, 8th=6, 9th=4, 10th=2.
Pole Position =10 Fastest Lap = 6
For every place he finished higher than he qualified = 2
For every place he finished lower than he qualified = -2
Retiring within 25% of the race = -40*
Retiring within 50% of the race = -20
Retiring after 50% of the race = -8
DSQ = -40

*Any car that does not compete for whatever reason will be deemed to have retired within 25% of the race.

Teams score points in the same way except for the finishing higher/lower points.

Driver Groups
Group A

19m - Hamilton
18m - Rosberg
16m - Vettel
15m - Raikkonen
15m - Ricciardo

Group B
14m - Bottas
13m - Massa
13m - Kyvat
11m - Hulkenberg
11m - Perez

Group C
9m - Alonso
8m - Verstappen
7m - Button
6m - Magnussen
6m - Sainz Jr
5m - Palmer

Group D
4m - Nasr
3m - Ericsson
3m - Grosjean
2m - Gutierrez
1m - Weirlein
1m - Haryanto

Teams Groups

Group A

14m - Mercedes
11m - Ferrari
10m - Williams

Group B
9m - Red Bull
8m - McLaren
6m - Force India
5m - Renault

Group C
4m - Toro Rosso
3m - Sauber
2m - Haas
1m - Manor

In the event of your driver being replaced, he will automatically be subbed by the new driver replacing him in real life.
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