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Originally Posted by Blue_Nation
You're right, Marci, Crvena zvezda is the original name in Serbian, and it probably should be like that. I just used the English name here because they are commonly known as Red Star Belgrade in most of Europe, and also because I try to use the English names of the cities and clubs as "standard", just to make things a bit easier for everybody.

Maybe it's because of the complicated pronunciation that in foreign countries people usually translate the name of the club. Never heard an English comentator saying Crvena zvezda, always Red Star Belgrade. The same happens in Spain or Latin America, where they use the Spanish name, Estrella Roja de Belgrado. Here in Galicia, like in Portugal and Brazil, it's known as Estrela Vermelha de Belgrado.

Wow, now it makes sense. I thought this two names reflect two different serbian teams. Thanks for the infos!
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