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deporik is an unknown quantity at this point

Final Results
Matchday 29
Lone Rangers 0v2 Aston Villains
Galatasary 13v1 Lagerfield 0v1 Newton Lions
The Jakes 1v1 KC Shuffle
Dudley Ogres 1v0 Where is Steve
Jeduthun Army 0v10 Dynamo Valley
Simpsons Hammers 3v0 FC True Blues
Wolverton Town 1v1 Taiwan Kickers

Final Day
Dynamo Valley 2v0 Aston Villains
FC True Blues 0v5 Lagerfield
Taiwan Kickers 0v1 Newton Lions
Wolverton Town 0v2 KC Shuffle
Dudley Ogres 0v3 The Jakes
Jeduthun Army 0v6 Lone Rangers
Simpsons Hammers 0v0 Galatasary
Where is Steve 2v0

Final Positions

33 Dudley Ogres (-14)
33 (-15)
33 FC True Blues (-22)
28 Taiwan Kickers
12 Wolverton Town
09 Jeduthun Town

So we stayed up on goal difference in the end. We celebrated our survivial style but in truth, it was a very dissapointing season.

Top 5 goalscorers
20 AP
13 deporiginal
10 Barkoty
05 bake
04 DK Blanquiazul

Top 5 Assisters
11 DK Blanquiazul
06 Rack
05 borinho
05 hari
05 Fabian

Top 5 Appearances
51 DK Blanquiazul
51 Carril
50 deporik
50 Fabian
48 hari

Most Yellow Cards (No reds )
7 CrocodileDundee
6 AP
4 Rack
4 Carril
1 deporik, ggeorg, DK Blanquiazul and bake

Most Injuries
2 Rack
2 DK Blanquiazul
2 Barkoty
1 monkeypuncher, borinho, ggeorg and hari

2 Lebn8r
2 Carril
2 Fabian
2 Feliuk
1 ggeorg, CrocodileDundee, DK Blanquiazul, Barkoty, Martin, bake, hari and tsapa

Man of the Match Awards
3 AP
3 Fabian
3 Michal
2 monkeypuncher, Diligent, Carril and hari

Player of the season Needed to have played at least 20 games
85 AP
83 monkeypuncher
82 DK Blanquiazul
81 borinho
80 Fabian
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