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Default Head2Head League (La Liga Fantasy Football) 2006/2007

This competition runs alongside the original La Liga Fantasy Football thread but with one major difference.

Whilst the original thread concentrates on the amount of points you get in total for the season, this competition will be like a standard league where the most important thing is to beat your opponents score on the day. Like a normal league, you will get 3 pts for beating your opponents score and 1 pt if you draw with your opponent.

There are 28 teams in the league and everyone will play each other once.

The first fixtures begin with next weeks fixtures (23/24 Sep)

Here are the complete fixtures:

Round 1 (23-29 Sept)
Daniel_Svard v amel1729
heidern v Carril
aldoduscher v Anton
gabi v Paul
ruvignaldi v DeporAlan
dabor v Benn
Fabian v CrocodileDundee
shahrin v Ekholm
Riazor v depor4ever1
Julen v madhorse
Ralo v Lebn8r
Feliuk v Tobi
deporik v DeporLee
deporiginal v rajacasa

Round 2 (30 Sept-6 Oct)
amel1729 v rajacasa
DeporLee v deporiginal
Tobi v deporik
Lebn8r v Feliuk
madhorse v Ralo
depor4ever1 v Julen
Ekholm v Riazor
CrocodileDundee v shahrin
Benn v Fabian
DeporAlan v dabor
Paul v ruvignaldi
Anton v gabi
Carril v aldoduscher
Daniel_Svard v heidern

Round 3 (14 -20 Oct)
heidern v amel1729
aldoduscher v Daniel_Svard
gabi v Carril
ruvignaldi v Anton
dabor v Paul
Fabian v DeporAlan
shahrin v Benn
Riazor v CrocodileDundee
Julen v Ekholm
Ralo v depor4ever1
Feliuk v madhorse
deporik v Lebn8r
deporiginal v Tobi
rajacasa v DeporLee

Round 4 (21-27 Oct)
amel1729 v DeporLee
Tobi v rajacasa
Lebn8r v deporiginal
madhorse v deporik
depor4ever1 v Feliuk
Ekholm v Ralo
CrocodileDundee v Julen
Benn v Riazor
DeporAlan v shahrin
Paul v Fabian
Anton v dabor
Carril v ruvignaldi
Daniel_Svard v gabi
heidern v aldoduscher

Round 5 (28 Oct - 3 Nov)
aldoduscher v amel1729
gabi v heidern
ruvignaldi v Daniel_Svard
dabor v Carril
Fabian v Anton
shahrin v Paul
Riazor v DeporAlan
Julen v Benn
Ralo v CrocodileDundee
Feliuk v Ekholm
deporik v depor4ever1
deporiginal v madhorse
rajacasa v Lebn8r
DeporLee v Tobi

Round 6 (4-10 Nov)
amel1729 v Tobi
Lebn8r v DeporLee
madhorse v rajacasa
depor4ever1 v deporiginal
Ekholm v deporik
CrocodileDundee v Feliuk
Benn v Ralo
DeporAlan v Julen
Paul v Riazor
Anton v shahrin
Carril v Fabian
Daniel_Svard v dabor
heidern v ruvignaldi
aldoduscher v gabi

Round 7 (11-17 Nov)
gabi v amel1729
ruvignaldi v aldoduscher
dabor v heidern
Fabian v Daniel_Svard
shahrin v Carril
Riazor v Anton
Julen v Paul
Ralo v DeporAlan
Feliuk v Benn
deporik v CrocodileDundee
deporiginal v Ekholm
rajacasa v depor4ever1
DeporLee v madhorse
Tobi v Lebn8r

Round 8 (18-24 Nov)
amel1729 v Lebn8r
madhorse v Tobi
depor4ever1 v DeporLee
Ekholm v rajacasa
CrocodileDundee v deporiginal
Benn v deporik
DeporAlan v Feliuk
Paul v Ralo
Anton v Julen
Carril v Riazor
Daniel_Svard v shahrin
heidern v Fabian
aldoduscher v dabor
gabi v ruvignaldi

Round 9 (25 Nov - 1 Dec)
ruvignaldi v amel1729
dabor v gabi
Fabian v aldoduscher
shahrin v heidern
Riazor v Daniel_Svard
Julen v Carril
Ralo v Anton
Feliuk v Paul
deporik v DeporAlan
deporiginal v Benn
rajacasa v CrocodileDundee
DeporLee v Ekholm
Tobi v depor4ever1
Lebn8r v madhorse

Round 10 (2-8 Dec)
amel1729 v madhorse
depor4ever1 v Lebn8r
Ekholm v Tobi
CrocodileDundee v DeporLee
Benn v rajacasa
DeporAlan v deporiginal
Paul v deporik
Anton v Feliuk
Carril v Ralo
Daniel_Svard v Julen
heidern v Riazor
aldoduscher v shahrin
gabi v Fabian
ruvignaldi v dabor

Round 11 (9-15 Dec)
dabor v amel1729
Fabian v ruvignaldi
shahrin v gabi
Riazor v aldoduscher
Julen v heidern
Ralo v Daniel_Svard
Feliuk v Carril
deporik v Anton
deporiginal v Paul
rajacasa v DeporAlan
DeporLee v Benn
Tobi v CrocodileDundee
Lebn8r v Ekholm
madhorse v depor4ever1

Round 12 (16-22 Dec)
amel1729 v depor4ever1
Ekholm v madhorse
CrocodileDundee v Lebn8r
Benn v Tobi
DeporAlan v DeporLee
Paul v rajacasa
Anton v deporiginal
Carril v deporik
Daniel_Svard v Feliuk
heidern v Ralo
aldoduscher v Julen
gabi v Riazor
ruvignaldi v shahrin
dabor v Fabian

Round 13 (6-12 Jan)
Fabian v amel1729
shahrin v dabor
Riazor v ruvignaldi
Julen v gabi
Ralo v aldoduscher
Feliuk v heidern
deporik v Daniel_Svard
deporiginal v Carril
rajacasa v Anton
DeporLee v Paul
Tobi v DeporAlan
Lebn8r v Benn
madhorse v CrocodileDundee
depor4ever1 v Ekholm

Round 14 (13-19 Jan)
amel1729 v Ekholm
CrocodileDundee v depor4ever1
Benn v madhorse
DeporAlan v Lebn8r
Paul v Tobi
Anton v DeporLee
Carril v rajacasa
Daniel_Svard v deporiginal
heidern v deporik
aldoduscher v Feliuk
gabi v Ralo
ruvignaldi v Julen
dabor v Riazor
Fabian v shahrin

Round 15 (20-26 Jan)
shahrin v amel1729
Riazor v Fabian
Julen v dabor
Ralo v ruvignaldi
Feliuk v gabi
deporik v aldoduscher
deporiginal v heidern
rajacasa v Daniel_Svard
DeporLee v Carril
Tobi v Anton
Lebn8r v Paul
madhorse v DeporAlan
depor4ever1 v Benn
Ekholm v CrocodileDundee

Round 16 (27 Jan - 2 Feb)
amel1729 v CrocodileDundee
Benn v Ekholm
DeporAlan v depor4ever1
Paul v madhorse
Anton v Lebn8r
Carril v Tobi
Daniel_Svard v DeporLee
heidern v rajacasa
aldoduscher v deporiginal
gabi v deporik
ruvignaldi v Feliuk
dabor v Ralo
Fabian v Julen
shahrin v Riazor

Round 17 (3-9 Feb)
Riazor v amel1729
Julen v shahrin
Ralo v Fabian
Feliuk v dabor
deporik v ruvignaldi
deporiginal v gabi
rajacasa v aldoduscher
DeporLee v heidern
Tobi v Daniel_Svard
Lebn8r v Carril
madhorse v Anton
depor4ever1 v Paul
Ekholm v DeporAlan
CrocodileDundee v Benn

Round 18 (10-16 Feb)
amel1729 v Benn
DeporAlan v CrocodileDundee
Paul v Ekholm
Anton v depor4ever1
Carril v madhorse
Daniel_Svard v Lebn8r
heidern v Tobi
aldoduscher v DeporLee
gabi v rajacasa
ruvignaldi v deporiginal
dabor v deporik
Fabian v Feliuk
shahrin v Ralo
Riazor v Julen

Round 19 (17-23 Feb)
Julen v amel1729
Ralo v Riazor
Feliuk v shahrin
deporik v Fabian
deporiginal v dabor
rajacasa v ruvignaldi
DeporLee v gabi
Tobi v aldoduscher
Lebn8r v heidern
madhorse v Daniel_Svard
depor4ever1 v Carril
Ekholm v Anton
CrocodileDundee v Paul
Benn v DeporAlan

Round 20 (24 Feb - 2 Mar)
amel1729 v DeporAlan
Paul v Benn
Anton v CrocodileDundee
Carril v Ekholm
Daniel_Svard v depor4ever1
heidern v madhorse
aldoduscher v Lebn8r
gabi v Tobi
ruvignaldi v DeporLee
dabor v rajacasa
Fabian v deporiginal
shahrin v deporik
Riazor v Feliuk
Julen v Ralo

Round 21 (3-9 Mar)
Ralo v amel1729
Feliuk v Julen
deporik v Riazor
deporiginal v shahrin
rajacasa v Fabian
DeporLee v dabor
Tobi v ruvignaldi
Lebn8r v gabi
madhorse v aldoduscher
depor4ever1 v heidern
Ekholm v Daniel_Svard
CrocodileDundee v Carril
Benn v Anton
DeporAlan v Paul

Round 22 (10-16 Mar)
amel1729 v Paul
Anton v DeporAlan
Carril v Benn
Daniel_Svard v CrocodileDundee
heidern v Ekholm
aldoduscher v depor4ever1
gabi v madhorse
ruvignaldi v Lebn8r
dabor v Tobi
Fabian v DeporLee
shahrin v rajacasa
Riazor v deporiginal
Julen v deporik
Ralo v Feliuk

Round 23 (17-23 Mar)
Feliuk v amel1729
deporik v Ralo
deporiginal v Julen
rajacasa v Riazor
DeporLee v shahrin
Tobi v Fabian
Lebn8r v dabor
madhorse v ruvignaldi
depor4ever1 v gabi
Ekholm v aldoduscher
CrocodileDundee v heidern
Benn v Daniel_Svard
DeporAlan v Carril
Paul v Anton

Round 24 (31 Mar- 6 Apr)
amel1729 v Anton
Carril v Paul
Daniel_Svard v DeporAlan
heidern v Benn
aldoduscher v CrocodileDundee
gabi v Ekholm
ruvignaldi v depor4ever1
dabor v madhorse
Fabian v Lebn8r
shahrin v Tobi
Riazor v DeporLee
Julen v rajacasa
Ralo v deporiginal
Feliuk v deporik

Round 25 (7-13 Apr)
deporik v amel1729
deporiginal v Feliuk
rajacasa v Ralo
DeporLee v Julen
Tobi v Riazor
Lebn8r v shahrin
madhorse v Fabian
depor4ever1 v dabor
Ekholm v ruvignaldi
CrocodileDundee v gabi
Benn v aldoduscher
DeporAlan v heidern
Paul v Daniel_Svard
Anton v Carril

Round 26 (14-20 Apr)
amel1729 v Carril
Daniel_Svard v Anton
heidern v Paul
aldoduscher v DeporAlan
gabi v Benn
ruvignaldi v CrocodileDundee
dabor v Ekholm
Fabian v depor4ever1
shahrin v madhorse
Riazor v Lebn8r
Julen v Tobi
Ralo v DeporLee
Feliuk v rajacasa
deporik v deporiginal

Round 27 (21-27 April)
deporiginal v amel1729
rajacasa v deporik
DeporLee v Feliuk
Tobi v Ralo
Lebn8r v Julen
madhorse v Riazor
depor4ever1 v shahrin
Ekholm v Fabian
CrocodileDundee v dabor
Benn v ruvignaldi
DeporAlan v gabi
Paul v aldoduscher
Anton v heidern
Carril v Daniel_Svard

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