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Originally Posted by Leon
Then we have a different opinion, because a dive IMO means going down on purpose whether there's physical contact or not... 8-)....

I wonder how you have come up with your definition that a player can provoke a "correct" decision by the referee with a dive. If Heitinga slightly puts a hand on Iniesta's shoulder and he drops down like his heart has stopped pumping, that's faking an not fair play IMO.

The provocateur is the one making the foul Leon, not the one who get's fouled and then goes down. And in the instance you mention, it depends on if Heitinga just "slightly puts a hand on Iniesta's shoulder" or if he gives him a pull that would give a disadvantage in any way to Iniesta. So basically, if Iniesta honestly feels like he's been fouled, then going down isn't a dive (and exageration maybe but not a dive). If however, Iniesta went down just because he felt something brush his shoulder, then I'd agree it was a dive.

Originally Posted by Leon
Rik, if you admit that the Spanish players were diving but in the same sentence, you downgrade it, it sums it up for me. You probably don't think it's worth mentioning.

You're putting words in my mouth that I didn't say again Leon. I'm still waiting to hear where I said Iniesta was smart for diving and getting Heitinga a red card. And I have no idea whatsoever, how saying that Spain shouldn't be treated equally as guilty as Holland is downgrading diving, especially given my definition of the word. I just don't think that going down easily when fouled (or even if not) should be treated as kung fu kicking people with studs up, stamping on peoples feet/legs or coming through the back of people like a steam train. One causes mild annoyance whilst the other could potentially wreck careers.

The lack of consistancy and hypocrisy of Howard Webb was summed up with the 2 kicking the ball away instances. Robben is offside, hears the whistle, stops and then kicks the ball past Cassillas out of frustration. Robbens gets away without a yellow card. Some minutes later, Xavi does the exact same thing, hears the whistle and deliberately kicks the ball away. Yellow card

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