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Originally Posted by Leon
I don't want to spoil the party for the people who supported the Spanish team. Overall they did more in this match than the Dutch team to win it and had a more positive attitude.

And it's kind of difficult to have discussions between Dutch people and people who support from Spain from the heart, because people always tend to see things from a positive aspect from their side.

The funniest thing remains the frustration of Belgians here: it's a poor and sad attitude. I wish your team all the best and hopefully you make it into a tournament one day (it'll be difficult with Turkey and Germany), but you guys certainly never played attractive football ... ... Even N-Korea, Honduras and N-Zealand can make it! It remains just a game. And it's never good the be jealous.

So I say it again: the Dutch were pretty lucky with referees and ugly goals to reach the final. Van Bommel and De Jong could/should have been sent off for rough play. Now Rik calls it 'smart' when Iniesta dives and provokes a red card, as the Spanish were diving all final, like players as Robben have done all tournament. Again, it depends on the glasses you wear.

This tournament will go down into history because of the referee incidents and countries like Netherlands, Brazil and Spain who stepped down their offensive game. There's not a team in the world which plays attacking football anymore. Neither Germany, they invented a magnificent counterattacking system. Maybe Chile...

My point remains that this final got the referee it deserved: a very poor one who couldn't control the teams. And I'm not saying he was against the Dutch. He simply wasn't prepared for it... 14 yellow cards means you can't handle it.

Maybe it had to do with our friend Villar, who also didn't want to suspend Villa in the group phase for slapping an opponent??? It remains a dirty and dictorial organization, FIFA.
No offense, but this post put a smile on my face So yes, I have a natural dislike of Holland But why do you think that is? If Holland played like they played in the European Cup two years ago, I still would've been hoping for them to get knocked out, but I would've had no problem acknowledging that they deserved it.

Anyway, first of all, you have a seriously warped view about the concept diving. Iniesta got past Heitinga, who deemed it necessary to still put his arm on him, Iniesta felt it and immediately decided to go down, which was completely logical. That's not diving, that's experience. Diving is when you see your opponent coming at you, and before he reaches you, you already decided you're going to fake being hit and dive. And there's the difference with Spain and Holland. Spain applies the first form I mentioned a lot, which is plain smart and logical, Holland applied pure diving constantly this tournament. And when Spaniards fall to the ground, they just... fall to the ground. When the Dutch start diving, they roll around on the ground about five times in a row. Thát is what pisses me off.

I have no idea why you're bringing up Belgium in here, but well, thanks for stating the obvious, I guess

The fact is Leon, pretty much EVERYONE who felt no special bond with neither Spain nor Holland, was rooting for Holland to lose. Why do you think that is?? Holland played a disgusting tournament, simple as that. Robben, Van Persie, Heitinga and especially Van Bommel are all some of the most annoying players to watch on the planet right now.

Originally Posted by Leon
Spain were the luckiest with crucial decisions, with the Villa-incident against Honduras, the curious match against Paraguay, the offside goal against Portugal, the dubious decision with Iniesta's goal. But hey, that's football nowadays.
All I can say here, is are you serious? Had Villa just slapped him out of nowhere, I would agree with you and say it's a red. However, that Honduras guy started it by standing on his foot like a moron. Since it would be very light to give both of them red there, I'd say both of them yellow. But no one saw it, so whatever. Against Paraguay, it was just a crappy ref. Paraguay missed their penalty, then Spain got one, they scored it, but had to take it again, and then Spain were denied another clear penalty. So I can't quite see how Spain was in the advantage there. The goal against Portugal was indeed doubtful, however, at both passes they seemed to be standing on the same line, so I get that. Finally, you're bringing up Spain's goal against Holland, which was completely legal and nowhere in the build-up of that goal was there an offside.

Want me to bring up the list of the ref's favors to Holland? Like the two invalid goals against Uruguay? There's a lot more I can put here as well. Come on, even the Dutch fans in the Belgian studio yesterday said they were a bit embarrassed by those fouls in the second half

Before the goal firstly Torres wanted to assist Iniesta, and at that moment the Catalan was on off-side... A deffender cleared the ball to Fabregas, but the lines-man should have waved, Webb should have whistled.
Nope, that wasn't offside. They showed it afterwards in the Belgian studio, and even then Iniesta was still onside. So again, you've got nothing.

Last free kick of sniejder during extra time reflected the arm of Spain player...but it wouldn't be corner kick?? and after that Spain scored! If the dutch could have the corner, thing may not turn out like this
In the first half, Spain should've gotten a corner, but didn't. Anyone remember that? I guess not, because Spain didn't let Holland score a goal after that. That was a seperate attack, Holland was fully organised when Spain was coming, you seriously don't have the right to bring that up. Especially since you scored several goals because of things like that as well, except much more direct. Like the goal against Uruguay, where the ref should've whistled and given Van Bommel a red five seconds before the ball went in. Thát's a direct decision that influences the game, not the one of last night.

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