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this is so horrible, this game was by far my worst time ever watching Depor, my brain almost burst!!!
This team is CURSED, every single f***ing game something happens and wee keep losing, this time again the GREAT Albentoza f*cks our game with Trecera play, he should never ever play again.
This was an easy to win game, after watching the first 20 minutes it was obvious that a goal will kill Eibar, moving from 2-0 to finally getting 1-1 feels so bad, this one point has no taste at all.

Cant blame Koval or judge him, it is too early and I hope Seedorf put him back again.

for next game:
Boveda Sindine Schar Navvaro
Mosquera Guilhermi (or Muntari if guili is not ready)
Adrian Colak Lucas
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