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Originally Posted by Shelvin
Me and Kevin were at the match. The atmosphere was amazing. Although the stadium was not completely sold out which was my biggest fear since I had only arrived in La Coruna on the afternoon of the match and was worried I would not get a ticket. Fortunately Kevin had bought my ticket the day before just to be on the safe side. It was very exciting as we were simultaneously tracking the results for the Cadiz-Gijon and Oviedo-Osasuna match since Cadiz and Oviedo had chances of qualifying. I remember the place going completely crazy after the first goal. The atmosphere before the match was really nice also as we interacted with a lot of local fans some of whom were really surprised about the fanbase of Depor outside of Spain.

I would like to tell you more but I was completely drunk so my memory is vague . But I am sure Kevin can elaborate more.

well done.
iam certainty going to Coruna next year, it is on my plans.
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