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deporik is an unknown quantity at this point

OK So here's the squad for SL2 and the temporary positions assigned.

If you're not in the squad but would like to be, then just post here and I'll add you.

If you're in the squad but in a different position than you would like, then just post here with the position you would like to swap to.

Keeper 1: Michal
Keeper 2: Ralo
Keeper 3: Diego Tristan
Keeper 4:* Ankhor

Left Defender 1: monkeypuncher
Left Defender 2: Ricardo
Central Defender 1: Feliuk
Central Defender 2: Diligent
Right Defender 1: Paul
Right Defender 2: Vink

Right Attacking Defender 1: Sultan
Right Attacking Defender 2: Fabian
Central Attacking Defender 1: Lulu
Central Attacking Defender 2: Peterke2000
Left Attacking Defender 1: Vlada
Left Attacking Defender 2: Mortenlj
Left Attacking Defender 3: *AP

Central Defensive Midfielder: LondonDeporHincha

Right Midfielder: ggeorg
Central Midfielder 1: Philip
Central Midfielder 2: Riazor
Central Midfielder 3: DepHun
Left Midfielder 1: Martin
Left Midfielder 2: The DK Blanquiazul

Right Attacking Midfielder 1: deporik
Right Attacking Midfielder 2: babydepor
Central Attacking Midfielder 1: Filip
Central Attacking Midfielder 2: Rack
Central Attacking Midfielder 3: Benn
Central Attacking Midfielder 4: scoop
Left Attacking Midfielder 1: deporiginal
Left Attacking Midfielder 2: baye

Right Striker: caabrego
Central Striker 1: hari
Central Striker 2: Riazor Warriors
Central Striker 3: Crocodile Dundee
Left Striker: Vince

TBA1: Djalminha
TBA2: valeron21
TBA3: depooor

red positions indicate that they can play in attacking and defensive formations.
blue positions indicate that they can play left,right or central positions.
green positions indicate that they can play left,right or central in defensive or attacking formations.

*player transfer listed and will probably be sold in next couple of days
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