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Been a bit busy and had a lot of different comps going at the same time but things have settled down a bit now, so can devote a little more time to this.

We have 3 games today:
Out Injured Today: hari, monkeypuncher and Philip
Unavailable for selection today: ggeorg, Martin, Vink and AP

12pm: Beer Cup Quarter Final
Otago All Stars v RCDLC.COM

Don't know anything about this team, other than the fact their starting X1 is pretty similar in strength to ours. They aren't too experienced though, after only playing 12 games; winning 10 of those.
Team: Michal; Vlada, Feliuk, Djalminha, Paul, Fabian; deporiginal, deporik; Vince, CrocodileDundee and caabrego. SUBS:Ralo; Diligent, Peterke2000, Rack and RiazorWarriors.

6pm Egg League Matchday 25/30
(14th)Wolverton Eagles v RCDLC.COM(2nd)

After yesterdays defeat in this competition, which knocked us off the top of the league, we now need to win our remaining games to be assured of claiming the title. Wolverton are struggling and can be predictable, so I expect a win but they've won 8 games in this competition, so they won't be a pushover.
Team Ralo; Vlada, Diligent, Paul, Fabian; deporiginal, DK Blanquiazul, Filip, Riazor, deporik; RiazorWarriors. SUBS: Michal, Feliuk, Peterke2000, Rack, CrocodileDundee.

League Pro Division 3
(9th)Salvia Divornum v RCDLC.COM(4th)

This is the most important league we play in and we currently hold the last of the 4 promotion places, so it's important we don't slip up. Unfortunately, S.Divornum are the form side at the moment and have beaten quite a few of the top sides. The team will be announced later this evening.
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