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I really don't understand some people whether here on twitter who keep protecting any coach that passes here with lout any solid ground.... They praised del pozo though he is the one who brought these players.. who they claim that these players can't work under pressure... yet they through it on Tino... yes Tino destroyed the sporting matter or had part in it... although who did go watch depor... visited Abegondo.. can clearly see that the number one in this club was Del pozo, he is the one that called for fabril players to be scatered.. hr brought these players or so called players especially the winter market players.... he is thr one that took charge of fabril at the end and destroyed the chances completely

if you want to blame... blame everyone in charge of the sporting matter... not just Tino.... Tino has part, Del pozo has part... Naxcho also had part.. and so as some players
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