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The Fan Forum The perfect place to arrange match meet-ups, post your photos, videos, wallpaper designs, animations and other stuff related to Deportivo La Coruña.

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Old 21-06-2019, 23:05   #1231
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Flight is booked
Please let me know if you have any idea how to get a reasonable ticket... vamos depor
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Old 24-06-2019, 21:11   #1232
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So Yorgi came with the idea to me first at the end of May, that if Depor reached the play-offs, we should go for a game in Albacete, Mallorca or Malaga. On June the 10th, he told me that we go to Mallorca, if Depor get over Malaga. The idea of buying crazy expensive tickets one week before the trip seemed so crazy, that I was immediately in.
We started to plan the trip after the first legs of both games (Depor-Malaga and Mallorca-Albacete), there were crazy plans, like me staying for 3 more days after the game on the island for half of my monthly salary even in Airbnb, and finally Yorgi found his best option to travel from Mallorca to Saloniki threw Berrrrrrrrrrlin, I think he arrives home around now, although he is on his way since 4:30 from our accomodation. I just wanted to mention these, that we really made some effort there even by the trip. So right after Mallorca survived in Albacete, on Sun night we booked the airplane tickets and the accomodation. The capo of the trip was Yorgi, he made everything to book two match-tickets online, but the ticket selling page for Mallorca games (and also for theaters, cinemas, museums on the island) crashed always under the huge demand, later there were news ,that the game is sold out, so we realized that the biggest challenge was gonna be the tickets for the game. We really tried everything from Thr to Sat, Yorgi contacted his friends at the pena in Barcelona, wrote to the club itself, made a forum comment on, I donno whatever, I texted on facebook to the federación of pena in Spanish, that we are going, but we dont have tickets, can someone help. I have to share, that except some not really helpful comments from the Pena in Barcelona, we did not got any answer.
So we arrived together from Budapest in Palma de Mallorca on Sat evening, and as a James Bond, from a twitter message, which showed, that the team entered to a hotel, Yorgi realized that the team stays in the Hotel AC Marriott, in Mallorca. We really spent a lot of time around and inside the hotel to meet the team and mainly some officials on Sat night and mainly Sun morning. We accidentally met Senor Suso (something like a doing-everything-man around the team) outside and what everyone should know in the forum, Senor Suso told us, that last hope for these cases is called Barros Botana, the bald guy, who helps with the changes during the games.
So after we awaited for Barros Botana finishing a 15 mins phone-call, he was really sorry for us, but could not help, he said he could not even help out former players, they really ran out of tickets. He understood our case, but he could do nothing. We saw some very relaxed Caballo, Saul, Boveda, maybe Mujaid. We did not disturb the players, btw. We also tried the tickets at the stadium, but there was not any ticket office open.
Just some interesting facts, there were news that on Saturday, Mallorcan ultras made some noise and fire-alarms around the hotel, where Depor stayed, they wanted to disturb our players during their sleep. Also there were news that the rivalry is gonna be full of tension between the supporters of the two clubs, we have not seen anything from that.
So as we did not have any better idea, we found our fellow Deportivistas at around 5:30 pm in two neighbouring bars around the Marriott hotel, they were mostly from Pena Barcelona and Pena MiauMiau also from Barcelona. They were surprised for us being there, tried everything to help with tickets, but could not… We sang quite a few songs with them and around 7:00 pm, the police put our players to the club-bus, where they actually sat for almost 30 mins. It was the most brilliant part of this trip, there were like 80-100 Deportivistas on the narrow pavement between the hotel and the bus, singing all our songs. Carmelo del Pozo was sitting at the front of the bus with a face you have at your dentist.
So finally the club-bus left, Deportivistas stayed at the bars, but we went to the stadium to check whether we can buy tickets from some disappointed Mallorca fans. We were there from 8 pm, later we saw very strange cases, like Depor supporters entering quite a few different sectors among Mallorcans, but without any major problems (we did not see any minor ones). You can go very close to the stadium without tickets, and there were points where we could see 10% of the pitch, even one of the goals. We saw from the outside that the Depor sector was finally not full…. Finally a Mallorcan guy showed up, he had one ticket, but we needed two... Our fate this time was not to enter the stadium. We asked the secu guys, no pasaran, so we finally watched the game in a nearby pub/restaurant among Mallorcans.
About the game: all you watched, we did not play well at all, they outplayed us, although we were so close through Quique and P. Mari.
We had a plan, that in case of the very possible promotion, right after game we run back to the stadium to celebrate with our Deportivista mates, but after the result I told Yorgi to drop the idea, I did not want to be part of the Mallorcan celebration (which was impossible, as they celebrated until 3 am as if they won the world cup) and to see so many sad faces on our side.
If you ask me, was it worth it? I answer for the songs and to meet nice Deportivista people it worth it.
Yorgi today already spoke about a possible trip to Rayo, Girona, or Alcorcon next season. I suggest everyone the Catalan region, cause there the penas are relatively organized and super-friendly. Of course Rayo is a good option.

Ooops, I almost forgot: Thanks to Miles and Xosé for all their help from the farness.
atletico = asesinos. I am Jimmy!

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Top top post.

You guys are f*****g legends.

Kalman I promise to meet you in Vallecas, Girona or both next season.
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Maybe you didn't realize, but you did buy 2 tickets in Mallorca. And for a nice place, in a VIP box, at the Heaven of Deportivistas. God bless you!
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I wanted to come to watch in reazor live
l enjoyed watching depor on you-tube live
l hope they will continue
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Thumbs up

Massive respect to DepHun , ggeorg (and swiss???) for the monumental support on the island. THIS is support for the badge that really matters. Depending on the calendar, you can count me in for a game next season with you guys. Unfortunately, I gambled that the Cordoba game would be the celebration. Huge respect for u guys...
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PS. an epic trip to rival peterke's drive to A Coruna a few years back...
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Originally Posted by Rack
PS. an epic trip to rival peterke's drive to A Coruna a few years back...

jajajaja, that's unrivaled!!!
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Marci 14
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I was expecting for the happy end eg. you finally get tickets or Depor win the playoffs or something like this.
Thanks for sharing your amazing trip!
Depor supporter from Hungary
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Massive respect to all of you guys
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Originally Posted by Rack
PS. an epic trip to rival peterke's drive to A Coruna a few years back...

Hahaha you guys remeber that 4000 km for a game lol was crazzy.
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