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Default Sergio Parla, El Ejido, discusses playing against Deportivo at the Riazor

Not sure where I should have posted this information - doesn't seem to be a place for news articles on other players who are talking about Depor...but here's an article from Sergio Parla, El Ejido, discussing playing against Deportivo at the Riazor.

His message on Twitter remembering his father and showing his pride in playing in the Coruña field impacted the hearts of the blanquiazul fans.

For Sergio Parla, neither the fatigue from the fifteen hours on the bus, nor the final defeat or the refereeing errors took away from the pride of having fulfilled one of his childhood dreams of playing in the Riazor.

- From the moment you knew you would play Deportivo, were you excited?

-Yes. Of those teams we could have drawn, of all 102 teams in Segunda B, we drew the best. In the Copa del Rey you know that sooner or later you will be knocked out. Three years ago I playing for Sant Andreu, we were knocked out by Atlético de Madrid . So that they eliminate me in Sant Andreu, they eliminate me in Riazor, which hurts, because both of those times unusual things happened on the pitch ... Because you would have thought ever think we would have been as superior as we were as a result of the expulsion. Once you look so comfortable, you score the goals, you don't deserve to lose ... Well, it hurts, but what are we going to do?

"What reminded you of playing at Riazor?"

—I have friends here in Madrid who are from Dépor and they already wrote to me on the day of the draw that I was lucky to be able to play in Riazor. I felt emotion more than anything else, because the Copa allows you to visit those fields. Dépor is this year in Segunda B , but it is not the usual. By the size and everything else it is not normal for them to be Segunda B .

For a generation you grew up with the great deeds of Dépor.

—Yes, Dépor have been between Primera and Segunda lately, or now Segunda B, and for the younger generation maybe they see an image of Dépor as being a medium club. But when I was little I watched Dépor's games in the Champions League. For me Dépor is top.

"Did you see Fran?"

—No, maybe he was there, but I didn't see him." I would have loved to. The game ended and I spoke with Lucho and Derik , who were my teammates in the past [Lucho at Rayo and Derik at Madrid].

"What games do you remember?"

—Many of the matches televised on Sunday nights. I remember what Djalminha did, that lambretta. It was spectacular. And many other players: Fran, Víctor, Mauro Silva… I remember Songo'o, who was one of the few colored goalkeepers in the Spanish League.

"And with your father?"

—Football was taught to me by my father when I was little. He was a fan of Madrid and knew that visiting Riazor was a very difficult day for Madrid to win. That's why… I don't know how people can have that vision of Dépor. I always think that Dépor is a great team. Madrid have always suffered there.

It will be amazing for you that Depor are now in Segunda B .

- For that reason, those who are in the first group of Segunda B , enjoy it, because for those of us who are Seguna B players it will be very difficult for us to return to that sized field.

"What game did you remember most?"

—The 4-0 win against Milan. It was spectacular. I also remember Makaay against Bayern and Valerón's passes. And also the Copa final against Madrid, the centennial.

You came to Riazor and all these memories come to his mind?

—Yes, I have it recorded as if it were right now: we enter through the corner door, we go through the COVID protocol area and the first thing we see, the stands with 1906 and you say… this is a Primera stadium . We already knew, we had talked about it, that it is a Segunda B team , that it is in our league, but by name of players ... no.

In the tunnel you saw all the past titles listed on the walls.

—As we entered the locker room, we met Fernando Vázquez , who doesn't even know how many years I've seen him on TV. You see the titles, the years they were won… For those of us who like football it was something very powerful.

"Were your companions as excited as you?"

-It was very exciting. The other day at the hotel I told them a complete line-up of the Dépor from that time, because that's what excited you as a child and I knew it. And now it feels strange to you, for people like us, who are in semi-professional football, it is strange to play in Riazor. For me it was like going to the Bernabéu to play.
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