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World Football For other football that's not related to Depor. For example: the Primera División, Segunda División A, Segunda División B, the Champions League, EURO 2008, the World Cup 2010, Italy, England, Germany, Turkey etc.

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Default FIFA and the corrupt transfer market

hey i thought id start off a topic on how corrupt FIFA are, and i saw a program all about it... i thought people could post their stories theyd heard about fifas corruption - i have heaps, but i'll wait and see if u guys wanna hear em all - i have heaps more but here is a start...

i saw this program on a tv station called sbs its a free to air station with alot of football and it had some VERY interesting stuff in it!! it was an english program so others may have seen it, it was a 5 part series and the last part was about the transfer market!

check out some of these things in the market...

When a transfer occurs, and an agent is involved a percentage fee is given to the, u dont have to be licensed to be an agent, however even if u are - there is only a recommended fee of 5%.

this program showed that agents are going to africa and getting poor african players for europe and taking as much as 50% of their transfer fees and wages!!!!! THATS ALOT!!!

some players from siere leone, were assulted by the belgian mafia!! and knocked out, one agent paid the nigerian consulate 100 euros, and had his players age changed so he was 2 years younger, so the club would pay him less, and hence sign him... one man had a gun to his head, the trigger was pulled, but it was not loaded, they did this in order to try force him to sign a 8 year deal!!

also a player was forced to sign a contract in french, he only spoke mild english, he was told by the anderleicht official it was for 2 years, it was actually for 7! he however appealed later and the court fined anderleicht, and terminated the contract...

clubs all throughout europe were exposed - these were - Marseille, Monaco, Lens, Lyon, Ajax, PSV, Anderleicht, Brugge, Muscron, (the whole belgian league) 2 clubs in germany (who had to remain nameless for legal reasons - but were said to be 2 of the top 6 clubs), austrian league was corrupt!

The current coach of brugge even neglected a player that he managed (he was his agent), he didnt pay the player, so the player ended up on the doorstep of a persons home starving with no money!! and the coach refused to answer comments, even on balgian TV!!

The crap thing was in an interview sepp (my best mate ) was asked why he doesnt make the fee a compulsory maximum of 10% or 5% like it recoments his answer

"what you have to understand is then i would be violating international law by prohibiting players moving countries"

the reporter then said - "no sepp, actually thats false, all u have to do is say - if you want to manage a player as an agent, you have to have a license by fifa! - then you can say - all agents have a 10% maximum fee, otherwise the player still moves and only 10% of the sum is eligable to go to the agent, if its violated the agent is bnned from managing a player"

sepps response "yes but again thats international law we are prohibiting!"

interviewer - "no its not... i have personally investigated this, and as a governing institution, its not illegal for fifa to do this"

Sepp "im sorry im unavailable to comment any further on this issue as my point has been made, and we are going in circles"

how good is sepp blatter and fifa!!

the transfer market is so corrupt!! one person in belgium has started files on players that have been mismanaged and offeres them temporary accomidation and works closley with police - sadly the police are usually paid off and it gets no where - his files were also reveiled on the show. The man started this after 2 cameroon players showed up on his door step starving, in desperate need of warm clothes and food, they explained there situation, so he has now adopted them, and they help himinvestigate phoney agents...

When sepp was asked about the dodgi deals in clubs his response was "we have to appeal to the big clubs"

the reporter then said, "well yes, but its mainly the smaller clubs in the smaller leagues such as belgium and france that have the problem"

Sepp was made unavailable for further coment...

Kevin keegan was also in on this BIG TIME!! he has handled 8 players transfers as the agent, of players coming to manchester city... When he was asked about these deals he was signing autographs, keegan, took 2 mascots of man city, he was signing them for kids about 8 yrs old, and then as he was clearly effected by the question, he ignored them, but he signed the same bear (mascot) twice!! THEN took it on the bus with him!! he took the little kids bear ON the bus with him he was so concerned about the issue....

if anyone recognises this what was the series called - i'll try find the name of it! it was fantastic!!

The week before it talked about sepps elections and how he "bought" votes!!

There was one on Wayne rooney that was interesting but i didnt see the whole thing, i'll post it tomorrow....

I also was wondering has anyone heard of these claims, or has anyone heard anything other stories, it doesnt even have to be about the transfer market, just about the corruption of fifa, because i dont beleive poeple know about this, this way everyone here at least can know....
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