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Prediction League & Quinelas Predict the scores for each Depor match. For Quinelas, predict a draw or home/away win. Most major tournaments are covered.

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Chief of Police

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Default La Liga Fantasy Football Head to Head League

This competition runs alongside the original La Liga Fantasy Football thread but with one major difference.

Whilst the original thread concentrates on the amount of points you get in total for the season, this competition will be like a standard league where the most important thing is to beat your opponents score on the day. Like a normal league, you will get 3 pts for beating your opponents score and 1 pt if you draw with your opponent.

There are 32 teams in the league and everyone will play each other once.

The first fixtures begin with next weeks fixtures (17/18 Sep)

Here are the complete fixtures:

Week 1 17-23 Sep (double header)
DeporLee v Vinnie
Kenji v AP
Risco v Heidern
Fabian v AlexUK
Pebinho v JW2
Shahrin v AldoDuscher
Gabi v Ekholm
BeachBoy v Simonrules
DeporAlan v Rchyngyzr
Deporik v ElRiazor
Caabrego v Rajacasa
Zepp v Lebn8r
Feliuk v Norway_fan
Julen v Ralo
CrocodileDundee v Anuroc
Scoop v Ruvignaldi

Week 2 24-30 Sep
Ruvignaldi v DeporLee
Anuroc v Scoop
Ralo v CrocodileDundee
Norway_fan v Julen
Lebn8r v Feliuk
Rajacasa v Zepp
ElRiazor v Caabrego
Rchyngyzr v Deporik
Simonrules v DeporAlan
Ekholm v BeachBoy
AldoDuscher v Gabi
JW2 v Shahrin
AlexUK v Pebinho
Heidern v Fabian
AP v Risco
Vinnie v Kenji

Week 3 1-7 Oct
DeporLee v Kenji
Risco v Vinnie
Fabian v AP
Pebinho v Heidern
Shahrin v AlexUK
Gabi v JW2
BeachBoy v AldoDuscher
DeporAlan v Ekholm
Deporik v Simonrules
Caabrego v Rchyngyzr
Zepp v ElRiazor
Feliuk v Rajacasa
Julen v Lebn8r
CrocodileDundee v Norway_fan
Scoop v Ralo
Ruvignaldi v Anuroc

Week 4 15-21 Oct
Anuroc v DeporLee
Ralo v Ruvignaldi
Norway_fan v Scoop
Lebn8r v CrocodileDundee
Rajacasa v Julen
ElRiazor v Feliuk
Rchyngyzr v Zepp
Simonrules v Caabrego
Ekholm v Deporik
AldoDuscher v DeporAlan
JW2 v BeachBoy
AlexUK v Gabi
Heidern v Shahrin
AP v Pebinho
Vinnie v Fabian
Kenji v Risco

Week 5 22-28 Oct (double header)
DeporLee v Risco
Fabian v Kenji
Pebinho v Vinnie
Shahrin v AP
Gabi v Heidern
BeachBoy v AlexUK
DeporAlan v JW2
Deporik v AldoDuscher
Caabrego v Ekholm
Zepp v Simonrules
Feliuk v Rchyngyzr
Julen v ElRiazor
CrocodileDundee v Rajacasa
Scoop v Lebn8r
Ruvignaldi v Norway_fan
Anuroc v Ralo

Week 6 29 Oct - 4 Nov
Ralo v DeporLee
Norway_fan v Anuroc
Lebn8r v Ruvignaldi
Rajacasa v Scoop
ElRiazor v CrocodileDundee
Rchyngyzr v Julen
Simonrules v Feliuk
Ekholm v Zepp
AldoDuscher v Caabrego
JW2 v Deporik
AlexUK v DeporAlan
Heidern v BeachBoy
AP v Gabi
Vinnie v Shahrin
Kenji v Pebinho
Risco v Fabian

Week 7 5-11 Nov
DeporLee v Fabian
Pebinho v Risco
Shahrin v Kenji
Gabi v Vinnie
BeachBoy v AP
DeporAlan v Heidern
Deporik v AlexUK
Caabrego v JW2
Zepp v AldoDuscher
Feliuk v Ekholm
Julen v Simonrules
CrocodileDundee v Rchyngyzr
Scoop v ElRiazor
Ruvignaldi v Rajacasa
Anuroc v Lebn8r
Ralo v Norway_fan

Week 8 19-25 Nov
Norway_fan v DeporLee
Lebn8r v Ralo
Rajacasa v Anuroc
ElRiazor v Ruvignaldi
Rchyngyzr v Scoop
Simonrules v CrocodileDundee
Ekholm v Julen
AldoDuscher v Feliuk
JW2 v Zepp
AlexUK v Caabrego
Heidern v Deporik
AP v DeporAlan
Vinnie v BeachBoy
Kenji v Gabi
Risco v Shahrin
Fabian v Pebinho

Week 9 26 Nov - 2 Dec
DeporLee v Pebinho
Shahrin v Fabian
Gabi v Risco
BeachBoy v Kenji
DeporAlan v Vinnie
Deporik v AP
Caabrego v Heidern
Zepp v AlexUK
Feliuk v JW2
Julen v AldoDuscher
CrocodileDundee v Ekholm
Scoop v Simonrules
Ruvignaldi v Rchyngyzr
Anuroc v ElRiazor
Ralo v Rajacasa
Norway_fan v Lebn8r

Week 10 3-9 Dec
Lebn8r v DeporLee
Rajacasa v Norway_fan
ElRiazor v Ralo
Rchyngyzr v Anuroc
Simonrules v Ruvignaldi
Ekholm v Scoop
AldoDuscher v CrocodileDundee
JW2 v Julen
AlexUK v Feliuk
Heidern v Zepp
AP v Caabrego
Vinnie v Deporik
Kenji v DeporAlan
Risco v BeachBoy
Fabian v Gabi
Pebinho v Shahrin

Week 11 10-16 Dec
DeporLee v Shahrin
Gabi v Pebinho
BeachBoy v Fabian
DeporAlan v Risco
Deporik v Kenji
Caabrego v Vinnie
Zepp v AP
Feliuk v Heidern
Julen v AlexUK
CrocodileDundee v JW2
Scoop v AldoDuscher
Ruvignaldi v Ekholm
Anuroc v Simonrules
Ralo v Rchyngyzr
Norway_fan v ElRiazor
Lebn8r v Rajacasa

Week 12 17-23 Dec (double header)
Rajacasa v DeporLee
ElRiazor v Lebn8r
Rchyngyzr v Norway_fan
Simonrules v Ralo
Ekholm v Anuroc
AldoDuscher v Ruvignaldi
JW2 v Scoop
AlexUK v CrocodileDundee
Heidern v Julen
AP v Feliuk
Vinnie v Zepp
Kenji v Caabrego
Risco v Deporik
Fabian v DeporAlan
Pebinho v BeachBoy
Shahrin v Gabi

Week 13 7-13 Jan
DeporLee v Gabi
BeachBoy v Shahrin
DeporAlan v Pebinho
Deporik v Fabian
Caabrego v Risco
Zepp v Kenji
Feliuk v Vinnie
Julen v AP
CrocodileDundee v Heidern
Scoop v AlexUK
Ruvignaldi v JW2
Anuroc v AldoDuscher
Ralo v Ekholm
Norway_fan v Simonrules
Lebn8r v Rchyngyzr
Rajacasa v ElRiazor

Week 14 14-20 Jan
ElRiazor v DeporLee
Rchyngyzr v Rajacasa
Simonrules v Lebn8r
Ekholm v Norway_fan
AldoDuscher v Ralo
JW2 v Anuroc
AlexUK v Ruvignaldi
Heidern v Scoop
AP v CrocodileDundee
Vinnie v Julen
Kenji v Feliuk
Risco v Zepp
Fabian v Caabrego
Pebinho v Deporik
Shahrin v DeporAlan
Gabi v BeachBoy

Week 15 21-27 Jan
DeporLee v BeachBoy
DeporAlan v Gabi
Deporik v Shahrin
Caabrego v Pebinho
Zepp v Fabian
Feliuk v Risco
Julen v Kenji
CrocodileDundee v Vinnie
Scoop v AP
Ruvignaldi v Heidern
Anuroc v AlexUK
Ralo v JW2
Norway_fan v AldoDuscher
Lebn8r v Ekholm
Rajacasa v Simonrules
ElRiazor v Rchyngyzr

Week 16 28 Jan - 3 Feb
Rchyngyzr v DeporLee
Simonrules v ElRiazor
Ekholm v Rajacasa
AldoDuscher v Lebn8r
JW2 v Norway_fan
AlexUK v Ralo
Heidern v Anuroc
AP v Ruvignaldi
Vinnie v Scoop
Kenji v CrocodileDundee
Risco v Julen
Fabian v Feliuk
Pebinho v Zepp
Shahrin v Caabrego
Gabi v Deporik
BeachBoy v DeporAlan

Week 17 4-10 Feb
DeporLee v DeporAlan
Deporik v BeachBoy
Caabrego v Gabi
Zepp v Shahrin
Feliuk v Pebinho
Julen v Fabian
CrocodileDundee v Risco
Scoop v Kenji
Ruvignaldi v Vinnie
Anuroc v AP
Ralo v Heidern
Norway_fan v AlexUK
Lebn8r v JW2
Rajacasa v AldoDuscher
ElRiazor v Ekholm
Rchyngyzr v Simonrules

Week 18 11-17 Feb
Simonrules v DeporLee
Ekholm v Rchyngyzr
AldoDuscher v ElRiazor
JW2 v Rajacasa
AlexUK v Lebn8r
Heidern v Norway_fan
AP v Ralo
Vinnie v Anuroc
Kenji v Ruvignaldi
Risco v Scoop
Fabian v CrocodileDundee
Pebinho v Julen
Shahrin v Feliuk
Gabi v Zepp
BeachBoy v Caabrego
DeporAlan v Deporik

Week 19 18-24 Feb
DeporLee v Deporik
Caabrego v DeporAlan
Zepp v BeachBoy
Feliuk v Gabi
Julen v Shahrin
CrocodileDundee v Pebinho
Scoop v Fabian
Ruvignaldi v Risco
Anuroc v Kenji
Ralo v Vinnie
Norway_fan v AP
Lebn8r v Heidern
Rajacasa v AlexUK
ElRiazor v JW2
Rchyngyzr v AldoDuscher
Simonrules v Ekholm

Week 20 25 Feb- 3 Mar
Ekholm v DeporLee
AldoDuscher v Simonrules
JW2 v Rchyngyzr
AlexUK v ElRiazor
Heidern v Rajacasa
AP v Lebn8r
Vinnie v Norway_fan
Kenji v Ralo
Risco v Anuroc
Fabian v Ruvignaldi
Pebinho v Scoop
Shahrin v CrocodileDundee
Gabi v Julen
BeachBoy v Feliuk
DeporAlan v Zepp
Deporik v Caabrego

Week 21 4-10 Mar
DeporLee v Caabrego
Zepp v Deporik
Feliuk v DeporAlan
Julen v BeachBoy
CrocodileDundee v Gabi
Scoop v Shahrin
Ruvignaldi v Pebinho
Anuroc v Fabian
Ralo v Risco
Norway_fan v Kenji
Lebn8r v Vinnie
Rajacasa v AP
ElRiazor v Heidern
Rchyngyzr v AlexUK
Simonrules v JW2
Ekholm v AldoDuscher

Week 22 11-17 Mar
AldoDuscher v DeporLee
JW2 v Ekholm
AlexUK v Simonrules
Heidern v Rchyngyzr
AP v ElRiazor
Vinnie v Rajacasa
Kenji v Lebn8r
Risco v Norway_fan
Fabian v Ralo
Pebinho v Anuroc
Shahrin v Ruvignaldi
Gabi v Scoop
BeachBoy v CrocodileDundee
DeporAlan v Julen
Deporik v Feliuk
Caabrego v Zepp

Week 23 18-24 Mar (double header)
DeporLee v Zepp
Feliuk v Caabrego
Julen v Deporik
CrocodileDundee v DeporAlan
Scoop v BeachBoy
Ruvignaldi v Gabi
Anuroc v Shahrin
Ralo v Pebinho
Norway_fan v Fabian
Lebn8r v Risco
Rajacasa v Kenji
ElRiazor v Vinnie
Rchyngyzr v AP
Simonrules v Heidern
Ekholm v AlexUK
AldoDuscher v JW2

Week 24 25-31 Mar
JW2 v DeporLee
AlexUK v AldoDuscher
Heidern v Ekholm
AP v Simonrules
Vinnie v Rchyngyzr
Kenji v ElRiazor
Risco v Rajacasa
Fabian v Lebn8r
Pebinho v Norway_fan
Shahrin v Ralo
Gabi v Anuroc
BeachBoy v Ruvignaldi
DeporAlan v Scoop
Deporik v CrocodileDundee
Caabrego v Julen
Zepp v Feliuk

Week 25 1-7 Apr
DeporLee v Feliuk
Julen v Zepp
CrocodileDundee v Caabrego
Scoop v Deporik
Ruvignaldi v DeporAlan
Anuroc v BeachBoy
Ralo v Gabi
Norway_fan v Shahrin
Lebn8r v Pebinho
Rajacasa v Fabian
ElRiazor v Risco
Rchyngyzr v Kenji
Simonrules v Vinnie
Ekholm v AP
AldoDuscher v Heidern
JW2 v AlexUK

Week 26 8-14 Apr
AlexUK v DeporLee
Heidern v JW2
AP v AldoDuscher
Vinnie v Ekholm
Kenji v Simonrules
Risco v Rchyngyzr
Fabian v ElRiazor
Pebinho v Rajacasa
Shahrin v Lebn8r
Gabi v Norway_fan
BeachBoy v Ralo
DeporAlan v Anuroc
Deporik v Ruvignaldi
Caabrego v Scoop
Zepp v CrocodileDundee
Feliuk v Julen

Week 27 15-21 Apr
DeporLee v Julen
CrocodileDundee v Feliuk
Scoop v Zepp
Ruvignaldi v Caabrego
Anuroc v Deporik
Ralo v DeporAlan
Norway_fan v BeachBoy
Lebn8r v Gabi
Rajacasa v Shahrin
ElRiazor v Pebinho
Rchyngyzr v Fabian
Simonrules v Risco
Ekholm v Kenji
AldoDuscher v Vinnie
JW2 v AP
AlexUK v Heidern

Week 28 22-28 Apr
Heidern v DeporLee
AP v AlexUK
Vinnie v JW2
Kenji v AldoDuscher
Risco v Ekholm
Fabian v Simonrules
Pebinho v Rchyngyzr
Shahrin v ElRiazor
Gabi v Rajacasa
BeachBoy v Lebn8r
DeporAlan v Norway_fan
Deporik v Ralo
Caabrego v Anuroc
Zepp v Ruvignaldi
Feliuk v Scoop
Julen v CrocodileDundee

Week 29 29 Apr - 5 May (double header)
DeporLee v CrocodileDundee
Scoop v Julen
Ruvignaldi v Feliuk
Anuroc v Zepp
Ralo v Caabrego
Norway_fan v Deporik
Lebn8r v DeporAlan
Rajacasa v BeachBoy
ElRiazor v Gabi
Rchyngyzr v Shahrin
Simonrules v Pebinho
Ekholm v Fabian
AldoDuscher v Risco
JW2 v Kenji
AlexUK v Vinnie
Heidern v AP

Week 30 6-12 May
Scoop v DeporLee
Ruvignaldi v CrocodileDundee
Anuroc v Julen
Ralo v Feliuk
Norway_fan v Zepp
Lebn8r v Caabrego
Rajacasa v Deporik
ElRiazor v DeporAlan
Rchyngyzr v BeachBoy
Simonrules v Gabi
Ekholm v Shahrin
AldoDuscher v Pebinho
JW2 v Fabian
AlexUK v Risco
Heidern v Kenji
AP v Vinnie

Week 31 13-19 May
DeporLee v AP
Vinnie v Heidern
Kenji v AlexUK
Risco v JW2
Fabian v AldoDuscher
Pebinho v Ekholm
Shahrin v Simonrules
Gabi v Rchyngyzr
BeachBoy v ElRiazor
DeporAlan v Rajacasa
Deporik v Lebn8r
Caabrego v Norway_fan
Zepp v Ralo
Feliuk v Anuroc
Julen v Ruvignaldi
CrocodileDundee v Scoop

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This seems very cool, great initative!
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Originally Posted by Fabian
This seems very cool, great initative!

Thanks Fabian

I forgot to add:

The winner of the Global Football Predictions Thread has got a choice of 3 prizes and after he has chosen which prize he would like, I plan on making the other 2 prizes available.

Once the winner of the Global Football Predictions Competition has chosen his prize, the winner of the overall La Liga Fantasy League can choose from the 2 prizes left over.

The winner of this League will then take the prize that is left over.

The 3 choices are:

a) A 1999-2001 Deportivo away shirt (green) *not like this years green


B) A 1999-2000 Deportivo 3rd shirt (red/grey)


C) A small photo of Jorge Andrade personally signed by the player himself
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Great idea and great prizes

Should I send you my address now so you can send me the prizes or should I wait??

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thanks rik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This sounds great!
Vamos Depor
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very interesting!!
my photoblog :
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yeh nice...!!! sounds fun...!!
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great stuff!
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great rik!!!

its a relagation team vs a big gun in the 1st week when i take on ruvignaldi

cadiz vs madrid
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great job rik
Ante todo mucha calma
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After seeing how well my opposition did this week, I'm not too hopeful of picking up the points against elriazor
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Excellent prizes !!!
Thanx Rik!
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It's cool we will have a lot of fun with the Head to head
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