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13 Feb 2008
Miguel ?ngel Lotina believes that he has found the perfect system for Deportvo, that's why he won't touch the 5-2-2-1 figure used during the last three liga matches. The Basque coach knows that the game at Huelva is a new final for his squad, and now he's polishing the four details that his team still has to improve.

Lotina will be working during the whole week in order to adjust the details that his team still missing to fulfil in order to perfectly implement the new system with five defenders. That's what the Me?±aka-born trainer said during his appearance at Abegondo's press room on Tuesday's evening. First to all, Lotina marks the big objective for the rest of the season "We know that we must reach 43 points independently of what other teams do. We must follow our rivals until certain limit and we must win our matches."

Later, Depor's coach analysed the four aspects that his team still has to improve, the first one is the physical effort of Depor's players "With this system, the squad is running a lot, surely more than with the previous system, and that means more fatigue. The players want to help more on the pitch, and that causes fatigue. Besides, the players are running more for the situation in the table, and we are also paying a price for that."

That's why the doctors of Deportivo made several physical tests during Tuesday's session, the intention was to meet the physical condition of the whole squad, in this way the doctors can dictate what are the exercises that each player must realise during the sessions in order to improve their physical condition. Lotina said that his team gave good results during this tests "For what I saw, they are better than in September."

And the physical trainer of Depor, Eduardo Dom?­nguez, certified the results when he attended to Abegondo's press room on Wednesday "The team is on optimal conditions from a physical point of view, although it doesn't means that later, we are going to win the games, that depends of other factors." (see the article below).

Another point that Lotina wants to improve is the position on the field in which the team is starting to put pressure in order to steal the ball "It's evident that we aren't stealing the ball in a more advance position, we are doing this at our own zone, for that reasons and since we don't have fast people in the squad, we don't have a team to play with counterattacks. We wanted to play like that, with a few people using the counterattacks, and we don't have the players for that. That's why I used Willy -Wilhelmsson - in the last game, because the solution was to put more people on the field for the use of the counterattack."

This situation is also the cause of the third problem detected by Lotina: the lack of depth. According to him, since the counterattacks aren't perfectly deployed, the side defenders aren't having the time to join the offensive task, reason why all the attacks are missing depth and are focused by the middle "Since the squad is starting the counterattacks in a delayed position, we weren't giving the time to see Filipe and Manuel Pablo joining the efforts. Besides, the absence of Guardado is getting noticed."

And the final improvement that Lotina wants at Deportivo is to consolidate the confidence of the squad, the Basque trainer thinks his squad was missing to believe in itself, but that the players have gained confidence within the last three games, period in which Depor has clinched seven of nine possible points "The team has now more confidence, they are better, but we still have a large margin to improve, and we will insist in that. We can see they have other attitude, and on the other day, I insisted with the errors, but I have also saw positive things that are giving us the sensation of having a real team."

Therefore, Lotina has detected the four actions that must be realised in order to improve the results of the system with five defenders:
1- To improve the physical condition of the players,
2- To start putting pressure in a more advance position on the field,
3- To increase the attacks by the wings and
4- To consolidate the confidence gained in the last three games.

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