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03 Jan 2021
Winger José Lara is convinced that the system implemented by the coach is helping his possibilities; he is also positive about the chances of Depor in Copa Del Rey.

José Lara addressed the media after Saturday’s training session. He was talking of the Copa meeting against Alavés, "We have the peace of mind of not being favorites, but we face the game with the hope of winning it. We all know what objective we are fighting for, but the Copa also matters, and we are going to go out in order to win. We face it with the thought of winning the game. Even if it isn’t our goal, we aren’t going out to see what happens. We will go out to win and we will show it that day."

The winger was sent off in the previous Copa game with El Ejido, he was talking of the issue, "The expulsion was a play of the game with which I don’t agree. But it’s past, now it doesn’t matter. I feel quite well, although I had been losing prominence after Coruxo’s game... but I continue working so that the coach sees the desire I have. Thanks to the Cup I have the opportunity to earn pace and I focus my desire on it.”

Lara also talked of the 4-4-2 system implemented by Fernando Vázquez, "As we are seeing it all the matchdays, the coach changes the system a lot, but I think we are placing a lot of emphasis on a kind of diamond figure. The coach has seen that we can do damage and it’s positive for my style of playing and the people we have in attack.”



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