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06 Jan 2021
New defeat for Depor Ladies. The gals played a poor game and suffered a new big loss to stay as the bottom team in the league.

Coach Manu Sánchez was finally recovering goalkeeper Ester Sullastres, who is back from a shoulder problem. This was the first game without attackers Kenni Thompson and Rosalía Muiño 'Lía', who terminated their deals during the break. The team is expecting to make signings and therefore the coach picked the 18 players available at the first team. Kika was the only player out for injury reasons. The coach returned to the 4-4-2 with Peke as a starter.

Depor Ladies returned to be the disastrous team of the start to the season. The team was unable to stop Cristiana Martín-Prieto and concede goals without finding the way to respond. The gals will stay as the bottom club in the league.

The game was balanced at the start, Depor Ladies had the first opportunities through a free-kick of Stephannie Blanco that missed the target (6’) and later with a shot of Peke that hit the crossbar (7’). The locals responded with an attempt of María José that missed the target (10’), and later a shot of Gavira after a corner-kick that was blocked by Noe Bermúdez (14’).

Then UDG Tenerife found the first goal in the game. It was a throw-in with Gavira headed the ball at the near post and then Cristiana Martín-Prieto pushed the ball in from close range. The second goal was close to arrive one minute later, again through Martín-Prieto, but this time she failed before Noe Bermúdez.

Depor Ladies were at the mercy of UDG Tenerife after the goal, the locals continued pushing and the second goal could have arrived at minute 27, but María José missed the target when she was alone inside the area.

But the second goal arrived anyway, and again the scorer was Cristiana Martín-Prieto, this time in a solo-play in which she dribbled Stephannie Blanco and Ainoa Campo to end scoring from close range. Depor Ladies continued asleep after the second goal, and UDG Tenerife pressed within the final five minutes.

And the locals found a third goal, it was a corner-kick in which the cross of Paola Hernández was poorly cleared by Cris and the ball went in. In the added time, Martín-Prieto was close to score the fourth goal, but Noe Bermúdez prevented it (45+1’).

The second half started with Depor Ladies still having problems to contain the runs of Martín-Prieto. So, it wasn’t strange to see the fourth goal arriving, though the scorer this time was María José, who found a loose ball after a clearance by Blanco and released a volley into the top corner.

Depor Ladies had returned to be the poor team of the start to the season: soft in defence and without a response in offence to the countless defensive concessions. So, by minute 60, the game was already decided.

The gals were able to pull a goal, it was after Athenea was fouled inside the area by a defender and Alba Merino converted from the spot. Michelle Romero replaced Alba Merino and Depor Ladies had now four attackers on the pitch, a desperate move trying to overcome a result that wasn’t going to change.

Both trams had chances within the final twenty minutes, Blanco was close to score though a strong shot that passed close to the crossbar (71’), four minute later Maria Estella headed a cross that was deflected by Bermúdez.  The second substitution for Depor Ladies was the entry of Lady Andrade for Peke, then Helena Torres claimed the spot of Athenea.

UDG Tenerife: (4-4-2) Aline Reis - Natalia Ramos, Patri Gavira (Moreno 59’), Jackie Simpson, Pisco - Clare Pleuler (Raissa 79’), Paola Hernández, María Estella, María José (Adamek 59’) – Allegra Poljak (Ana González 72’), Martín-Prieto (Koko 72’).
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Noe Bermúdez – Cris, Blanco, Ainoa, Villegas – Arbeláez, Iris, Alba Merino (Michelle Romero 66’), Gaby – Athenea (Helena Torres 82’), Peke (Lady Andrade 75’).
Goals: 1-0: (22’) Martín-Prieto, 2-0: (29’) Martín-Prieto, 3-0: (44’) Cris (o.g.), 4-0: (52’) María José, 4-1: (62’) Alba Merino (penalty)
Referee: Ainara Andrea Acevedo Dudley. She showed yellow card to Ainoa (49’), Arbeláez (58’), Pisco (65’)
Venue: La Palmera




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