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11 Jan 2021
Great victory for Fabril. Despite the casualties, Valerón’s boys defeated a direct rival that gave problems but that lacked scoring opportunities.

Coach Juan Carlos Valerón started the year and the second round with a lot of casualties. The problems at the first team forced Fernando Vázquez to picks ix lads from Fabril: Juan Rodriguez, Adri Castro, Manu Mosquera, Álex Barba, Iván Guerrero and Guille Bueno. So, there were a lot of novelties at the lineup, like the presence of Isra Pérez and Iñigo Reinoso on the sides.

Alberto was the starting keeper, Isra Pérez covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Reinoso, Álvaro Yuste and David Suárez played at the centre of the defence. Diego Villares and Famoussa Kanouté were the midfielders. Rayco Rodríguez attacked from the left wing, Javi Sánchez did it from the right, Javi Sanmartín was the playmaker and Juan Cambón was the centre forward.

It can be said that it was an equal game, Fabril had the ball until scoring the first goal, later it was playing in the counterattack, but it was the side having the best opportunities. The victory is very important as UD Somozas is a direct rival for the promotion seats that have only lost once before this game.

The first chance in the game was for Javi Sánchez, he tried to chip the ball over visiting goalie Marcos Souto, but he missed the target (2’). UD Somozas preferred to hold on and use the counterattack and they had depth for it, so the game was entertaining.

Alberto Novoa had the first opportunity for UD Somozas, it was a shot from the edge of the area that missed the target (14’). And then the first goal in the game arrived, and it was scored by b>Javi Sánchez, who collected a drilling pass from Villares to beat Souto from close range.

UD Somozas was close to tie the game one minute later in a one-on-one action in which Alberto saved the attempt from Luis Chacón (20’). The goal changed the tide as the visiting side was pushing, Pablo Rey was close to score at minute 32, but he missed the target. 

Fabril also had some arrivals, mainly through Rayco, but those plays didn’t end with a shot on target. It was until the final minutes of the first part that the locals enjoyed of a good chance to double the advantage. It was a cross from Villares that Sanmartin missed to connect when he was in front of Souto, later Rayco missed the target (43’).

The roles were inverted for the second half. The visiting side was having the ball and the locals were betting on the counterattack. The second half started with UD Somozas trying to have the initiative, they have two straight corner-kicks, but Fabril were holding on and later the counterattacks led by Rayco were creating problems to the rival’s defence.

At minute 53, Luis Nuño had a chance to score through a shot that missed the target. In the next play, Javi Sánchez missed a good opportunity in a crossed shot that went close to the post. At minute 57, a combination between Isra Sánchez and Javí Sánchez was cleared to corner-kick when the latter was about to shot on target.

Rayco could have scored at minute 60 after a combination with Sanmartín, but his strong shot was saved by Souto. Then Valerón made the first substitution. Álex Boedo replaced Cambón, the move pushed Rayco into the striker’s role and Boedo was on the left wing.

Fabril were having more chances to score with Boedo on the pitch, but it wasn’t failing too much. Valerón tried to have more control at midfield and Jorge Sarmiento replaced Javi Sanmartín. Sarmiento could have scored at minute 74, but defender Garrido cleared the danger, and in the secondary play Álex Boedo secured the victory with the second goal. Javi Sánchez made the assist and he scored through a strong firing from the right corner of the box.

UD Somozas didn’t give up and Pablo Rey was close to score with a strong shot that missed the target (82’). The final substitutions at Fabril were the entries of Raúl Pescador and Peke for Javi Sánchez and Rayco. Pablo Rey had a new chance to score at minute 83, and Alberto made the save.

Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Alberto – Isra Pérez, David Suárez, Yuste, Reinoso – Villares, Kanouté – Javi Sánchez (Pescador 81’), Sanmartín (Sarmiento 71’), Rayco (Peke 81’) -Cambón (Boedo 61’).
Somozas: (4-4-2) Marcos Souto – Cabarcos, Garrido, Chacón (Dani Bellas 69’), Toni (Carlos Riveiro 58’) – Luis Nuño (David Rojo 78’), Alberto Novoa, Bruno Bellas, Marcos Martínez (Aldán 69’) – Josito (Iago Blanco 78’), Pablo Rey
Goals: 1-0: (17’) Javi Sánchez, 2-0: (76’) Boedo
Referee: Óscar Martínez Santos. He showed yellow card to Villares (44’), Josito (48’), Alberto (89’) & Pescador (90+1’)
Venue: Abegondo




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