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14 Feb 2008
Deportivo is undefeated in the last three games in la liga, and this period of time has coincided with the return of Albert Lopo. But he has been suffering muscular problems as a consequence of the hernia problem that affected him at the start of season. Lopo has confessed that he still struggling from this problems, but that he feel fine to play on Sunday.'s game at Huelva.

Albert Lopo attended to Abegondo's press room during Wednesday's evening, the Catalan defender confessed that he still struggling from the muscular problems derived from his previous hernia injury "We made a test on Tuesday and it was positive, but we still have to improve. There's a problem that has always been there and it need time to be healed. We don't need to give a lot of clues to the rival. Basically it's the muscle that helps me to make the acceleration, to start running."

However, the ex-Espanyol player assured that this problem won't affect his participation in Sunday's game against Recreativo "I am ready to play. Each game passing is a chance that we can't miss and specially if we are facing a direct rival. We can't lose on Sunday, we must win or at least clinch a point. The defeat is something that it isn't passing through our heads. We are living a good moment and we must maintain the line."

Finally, Lopo didn't want to give further comments about the case with Espanyol, the Catalan club was reclaiming €5.6 million for the formation rights of the defender, but the judge that was managing the case dismissed the charges "I want to stay out of this situation. I always said that I wasn't involved in this subject, although nobody likes to see its name in a court. I didn't want to enter to this theme before and now, just because we won, I don't want to be the protagonist neither."

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