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01 Feb 2021
The coach was defending the performance of the team despite the draw is costing a place among the first three places.

The current situation at the standings isnít good, but coach Rubťn De La Barrera was defending the work done by Deportivo in this game, "The results are the result of the processes and what you do or not do. And the reality is that, except for two imbalances, we controlled the game, we took it into the opposite field, we prevented the rival from running. Itís a clear game in which I am very proud of the work done by my players."

"When you donít win, I will take the hits, because Iím defending a process and not the result. But I have some experience in this. I know that there are results that approach the victories and surely some victory will bring closer the defeats. And today, I have clear in my mind that it has to be translated into three points next Sunday at O Vao. If we see the result, logically, we can never be happy. And if we do it from the game, I have perceived an obvious improvement in everything." He added.

The Galician coach also refused the idea that Depor donít depend on themselves after the results in the matchday, "It has to push us towards Coruxo and win the game. We continue to depend on us regardless of whether there are teams that have one or two postponed games. We are going to hold on to what we have done today, we are going to improve issues that have been made today well, this in order to make it much better. And those two or three situations that we have granted to the rival must be avoided on next Sunday."

De La Barrera also said that he has plenty of confidence in his team now that the winter market is ending, "Now that results arenít coming, I trust to death in this squad. The result is not giving me the reason, but I continue to insist. I trust to death in the squad and I trust even more after what I saw today. I cling to something that I can control, which is the team's game. I donít expect anything and I expect everything. This squad is very good and today it has been seen. We are discovering that there are players that are hungry, eager... That things arenít working out and it doesnít translate into the result, indeed. But my confidence in them is total and complete. Total.Ē

Salva Ruiz was also defending the work of the team in this game, "It was one of the best games of the season. While it is true that we are far from happy with the result, for me this is the minimum that Deportivo has to do, both inside and outside home. And from there keep growing. In many moments we have managed to lock up the rival at their area. And thatís what we have to achieve in every game. From there, keep growing and not be left alone with the result, although you have to add three points from now on."

At Unionistas, coach HernŠn Pťrez was satisfied with the way his team held Depor, "It was very positive. This stadium is not of this league, neither this team is from this league. Coming here, adding a point and not conceding a goal makes you get a positive evaluation. Even above, we keep the distance with the favorite, every time there are fewer matchdays left, and we are very happy, because today we have taken a small step towards our first objective, which is to reach Second B Pro.Ē



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