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04 Feb 2021
Deportivo’s director of football talked to the media and explained the operations made during the winter window, he also talked of the poor season of the team at Segunda B.

Richard Barral, the director of football of the club, addressed the media on Wednesday. He explained the operations made in the winter window. He assumes the responsibility for the poor performance of the team, but he warns that the competition is not over yet. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Criticism for the lack of planning: "On the last day, at 11PM, with no response time, an unexpected problem happened. It isn’t anyone's fault, there is a lot of criticism and there is talk of lack of planning. There is no lack of planning, there may be mistakes, but no lack of planning."

The failed signing of Sergio Moreno: “Although we are calm, on the last day at 11PM, with no response time, we had financial possibilities that the club gave us. We had Sergio Moreno closed since Friday, and it was still closed on the day the market was ending, the only condition that Mirandés had put on us was that he could play on Sunday before the closure. On Monday we do all the papers, with the player already signed and about to come here, and suddenly around 11PM., a discrepancy appeared between Mirandés and Rayo about a debt they have, and it knocked down the operation. After the failed signing of Sergio Moreno, the only thing left was to sign an unemployed player. We talk to the coach and he tells us that he thinks it isn’t worthy.”

Diego Villares: "The issue of Villares had already been discussed since Rubén [De La Barrera] arrived. Fernando Vázquez wanted him and due to the lack of spots it wasn’t possible. It was fully anticipated that he would have covered a spot at the first team. The only reason for not being available against Unionistas, it was for being in confinement like the rest of Fabril’s squad."

Rayco: "Rayco was also pending, because at the beginning, we had planned to promote him depending on whether we were going to sign one or two players and if one of the signings would be a U-23 player. In Sergio's case [Sergio Moreno], we would surely inscribe him with Fabril and we would have promoted Rayco anyway. His promotion was already closed with signings or not, you cannot make the change in only 45 minutes, especially with the current conditions and the curfew."

Are we short of forwards? “Not having a striker due to the non-arrival of Sergio Moreno, by number we are short, but we have won in quality. Having Rayco, Raí and even Villares, who is a good player. We have spoken with the coach and we believe that he will get a good performance with his idea and his ability with the players. We have made an important cocktail. I have seen a couple of training sessions and what Rubén is looking for is reflected in the field.”

On waiting at the last minute to sign the forward: “We didn’t wait until the last second. It was automatic after the exit of Rolán. Rolán left and on Friday’s afternoon we had Sergio already closed. And it was confirmed on Saturday. No one waited until the last minute. Within our budget the player gave the okay. The only thing that Mirandés asks is that he can play on Sunday. They signed another player and now the two of them have to live together. Sergio was about to travel here, papers were ready between Mirandés, Deportivo and Rayo. Everything was okay and everything was documented. Around eleven at night this happens."

Rolán case: "When the squad was planned, Diego Rolán didn’t enter into the planning. He is a player of another economic level that cannot be assumed. In Segunda B there is no salary cap as in Primera or Segunda, there is an economic budget that must be adjusted. The squad is made without Diego Rolán. COVID made a change at all levels, there was a total change. The offers that were made for a transfer have not been considered. From there, Rolán becomes available to the club. In Segunda B the issue of paperwork is more annoying, he does his paperwork, he has to go to Uruguay, quarantines and arrives here. He is one more player. With him we made a type of agreement, he contemplated whether he would go out in January or if he would stay all year long. The January market arrived, Deportivo's economic situation is what it is, it’s decided that Rolan should leave. By the time we are here, the remaining four months of competition and the times that we are living with the COVID and the fact the clubs don't have money, we think it's a good operation for the club. The purchase option on Rolán is not mandatory. The contract extension wasn’t done, we are going to wait, we have met with the agent and the Egyptian club, because I wanted to see how he is there. We have some things discussed in function of what path we are going to take.”

Rui Costa: "Since Rubén [De La Barrera] arrived, he has counted the least. There were several offers, he is a wanted player in Portugal. He rescinded, but the club kept a high percentage of the player's property. In addition to releasing salary, something importantly, we keep a part of his property. There’s a reason why this striker leaves and not others, it’s indeed our decision, but also of the coaching staff."

The attempt to sign Luis Fernández: “We valued nineteen forwards, we talked with them and those who could have the characteristics we need. One of them was Luis Fernández. It was a complicated operation and we couldn’t waste energy on it. Not only for the economic issue, he’s a player who ends his contract this year. Spending energy just for the pleasure of doing it, better not doing it. Besides the financial issue, it was convoluted. There was no agreement between him and the club, it's not true that ABANCA stopped the operation. Before tackling the operation, we wanted to be certain that it was possible. We could arrive with money or not, but it was such a mess. Luis Fernández and his agent asked for an amount, then another, then got off. We asked when he could be here, and we never had that response. "

The dismissal of Fernando Vázquez: "I am the maximum responsible for the preparation of the squad. I am the director of football, we have a technical secretariat with hierarchies, I am responsible. From then on, when something doesn’t work, logically I have to inform my superiors. Why doesn't it work? Because of this, this and this. I cannot make “this” public. Among those things are errors in planning, errors of another type such as the coaching staff, errors of all kinds that you can imagine at a sporting level: players performance. All that? The football director. With this report, the responsibilities are clarified. On the subject of the coach, a part of that management and that decision, the sporting management gives its opinion. From there the decision is made.”

The serious internal problem pointed out by Fernando Vázquez: "If I had taken it for granted, I would answer, but you asked him about me and he said no. For Fernando I only have words of thanks. We always had a great personal relationship and for my part I will be here for whatever he needs. You asked him about me, and he said that the relationship was good... simply that when you leave, I respect the way you want to do it, what you want to say... I have nothing to say."

Do you feel responsible for what’s going on? "I had never been in Segunda B, I think we have made a great squad, but the reality is that it isn’t working. I can't hide from that. Totally, it's logical. When we made the squad, nobody expected to be in this situation. Unanimously, it was considered a squad in which all good adjectives were used, we said it from the inside and it was a reality. For whatever reason, the performance is not being good. And I’m the head of the sporting area. I have to feel it and assume it, I have never hidden. But I also say one thing: This hasn’t ended. To enter the top three or not, this race continues, what I do want to ask is calm to finish and go game by game. Afterwards, responsibilities will be clarified. I am responsible, I will pass a report with what I think has happened and responsibilities will be clarified and we will assume them as professionals, as we have to do it. But right now I ask for calm and unity.”

Confidence in the squad: "I don’t know if we are the biggest budget in Segunda B, the third or fourth. We should have seven or eight teams in the league fighting for thar role, we are from the highest budgets. It’s the reality and we cannot deny it. We will not have a fortune, but neither we believe that the problem is on that. We were clear about the playmaker issue, with a versatile player, the issue with Villares was clear. In the end Diego Rolan went out, we wanted a striker and happened what happened. Let's be real, we aren’t working in many things, but let's not lose the perspective that we don't have a team. Don't we have enough squad to fight for promotion in Segunda B? Players for whom we have fought from within the club, it was difficult trying to convince important people. We have players with Primera offers. The investment that has been made is high and they have brutally lowered their wages for staying at Deportivo, because they wanted stability. The true is that, so far, it isn’t working. But we can't go crazy and totally change the team."

Possibilities for promotion? "Yes, of course I see possibilities. The team is going to improve. It has to clear the head. I think the team is united. I see the coaching staff with a lot of energy. Just like Fernando did an impressive job at the time with the sunk team. It was nowhere and I think that if it weren’t for the Fuenlabrada case, we would be in Segunda. There are possibilities. Rubén and his team have arrived with a lot of energy. I see unity inside the changing room. If there’s peace of mind, we can get it. My position is permanently available.”

The pressure from the fans: "Football has taken on a very large dimension, both here in A Coruña, and on social networks, both programs, so many media, social gatherings... this requires constant immediacy. That’s the problem that this club has had for years. Richard Barral is a person from Coruña, from the club. When they want me, I will be here, and when don't, then I will leave and it's over ".

After watching this season, would you hire other types of players? “We'll see. Not knowing the league is not knowing the rival or not knowing the player's market. But Deportivo has a dimension or a requirement… you think that Deportivo's squad, under another name, without this degree of demand that we have here, or Marbella or the 6-7 teams that we have at the top, are forced to promote. And the one that has the most is Depor. That type of player that you say…. You put the squad of those teams with less budget at Depor and it has nothing to do with it. There is a very high demand here. The player of Primera is better in Segunda, and the player of Segunda better in Segunda B. There is a bit of demagogy. The squad doesn’t work for various aspects. Nothing else. In every squad you have being Barça, Madrid... at any club you have 11-15-16 players that are working... then there will be a series of players who don’t play. That is why the markets are there, we are trying to change... but what would be better? That we make a squad with 20 players who have always been in a Segunda B or Tercera? Do you think that, with the name and pressure from Depor, the performance would be the same as in other clubs?"

The injuries: "The doctors keep the reports, we have had terrible bad luck. We had important players who had not played for 7-8 games. How is not going to affect everyone? I don't think the president has blamed anyone. There are years like this and when things go wrong, everything goes wrong. I hope that from now on everything will work out for us. There are some objective reasons why the team doesn’t work and other subjective reasons. And uncontrollable variables that there will always be. A squad was made, in theory, of a high level. We all think about it, with mistakes, that there will always be them. We hope this ends well."

The importance of the game against Coruxo: "If we don't beat Coruxo, it will be very difficult to get into the top three. You have to win on Sunday, and win every Sunday, like this six times. In the next phase, the same. We have the capacity to do it, but we have to prove it. It isn’t enough only with capacity. If we don’t succeed, we must evaluate everything and take responsibility."

Do you feel the confidence of the board of directors? "I think so. I am a professional about this and I don’t live worried about it. When you do not win, trust is lost, in myself or in the coaches. What worries me is the performance of the team. If we don’t get the promotion, I'll assume my part."



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