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07 Feb 2021
Depor’s coach is content with is team as he is convinced that the performance is following an ascending line; he also described the game as a final for Deportivo.

Rubén De La Barrera addressed the media on Friday. He is optimistic despite the current situation of Deportivo, because he believes the team is evolving and only needs to start winning games. The following is a summary of the thing he said.

No players injured: “The week was like the others, the team trained at the top and the players deserve that the things trained on the pitch can be translated into the pitch. We need the result in order to reinforce the feelings. Its always good that everyone can be available, we were expecting for it and the true is that it’s positive to have all the resources available.”

Rayco and Villares: “The circumstances were explained the other day by Richard [Barral]. Both are kids that will bring freshness and quality to the team. It will hep us to add. If we can get something positive from their promotion is to get immediate results. My feeling is that both are ready to help. Rayco has goal and the ability to end the plays. He creates unbalance having the ball and dribbling the rival. In the case of Diego, I like his profile, with effectiveness and balance. He is a player that attacks the space. Both are young and are willing to do things, the team will welcome their contribution.”

Lucho García: “He suffered a collision and it happened. He won’t be with us for the weekend, but the good news is that we will recover him for next week. I like to have all the players available, it won’t happen now, but he should join the trainings on next week.”

The evolution of the team: “The team is demonstrating intensity during the trainings and each day is more similar to what we want. From that point of view, we must translate it into the pitch. We must try to improve what we did well and do much better what affected us. Coruxo will demand a lot from us, and we must show routines that will allow us to break their lines.”

The lack of goal: “We try to fix the issues that are important, and we give importance to anything that happens in both areas. We are trying to bring things to the team in order to end the plays, how to cover the space, how to approach into the area and other issues that we train during the week. It has also to do with the aim. The attacks are built up in a collective way and are defined in individual plays. We value all of that. If our improvement prevails during the week, then the ability to score will depend on our ability to create opportunities.”

Changes at the lineup? “We have alternatives, but what I believe is that the base was already sawn. We must dominate, attack and not concede chances to the rival. What I’m saying? That this team brings a lot of possibilities. The evolution will probably bring more dynamic and balance. We have new alternatives with the promoted players and also with the presence of Héctor Hernández, who has the ability to release crosses. Later the presence of Rayco and Villares, but we need to keep the essence of the last game. The team needs resources in order to face all the problems.”

The winter market: "I find many reasons why I am happy. They are people with hunger, with energy, with desire, people who arrive not contaminated by what has been happening since the first moment of the season, feeling the need to demonstrate things. And people who come predisposed to help and make noise. Many generations of footballers, for whatever reason, have found the doors closed of the first team. In this case at the present time, due to economic circumstances, for whatever reason, there are two players who go on to form part of the first team. Many, many players who once had been at the academy would have signed the same thing."

The game is a final: “If the game against Unionistas was a final, then the game against Coruxo is also a final, or a great final. Now, we are facing the game in the same way. I am full of optimism because I see the players doing things that we are going to need on Sunday. The other day we made an important step despite we didn’t win, now we need to improve at O Vao. We have to win, but we have to win been better than Coruxo. Of course, we are talking of a final.”

Coruxo: “It’s a team that I faced many times Michel is a great coach and is doing a very good job. It’s a well-organized club that likes to seize their opportunities. Their home games are good, actually they only lost once at home, and we must try to break it down. I am expecting for an organized team that will try to cover all the space. They just signed players that will bring freshness, especially Aarón [Piñán], a player that’s fast and dangerous. I think the game will be competed.”

Michel Alonso addressed the media on Friday. He is also convinced that his team is evolving and ready to surprise Deportivo. The following is a summary of the thing he said.

How do you see your team after the new defeat away from home? “We had two away games in a row in which the team was close to score, in Barreiro and in Santiago. For us it has been a problem, because at home the team is at a good level, we have three victories in a row, and we have only lost once. The away results have been expensive.”

What do you blame it on? “I think there are an accumulation of factors. There are days that you are not right, and you don’t deserve more, others in which the referees don’t favor you, sometimes you have the feeling that you don’t have that dose of fortune that’s necessary... I consider that, in the last matchday, with the effort that the team made to come back, we would have deserved at least to draw.”

The team is starting to score goals: “It’s a step, because it’s another burden that we had and we have removed it. Scoring two goals in San Lázaro is not easy, but in this game the problem was allowing goals. Once you score two goals, the problem is that they don't reach you to score.”

Do you feel more pressure at home due to poor results away from home? “The true is that, with what is happening on the road, we cannot leave what we are doing at home. We would already have a very important problem. We have four games left in our field and we have to hold on to that, because the numbers say that we are doing very well here.”

Deportivo: “They are talking a lot about their problems. It’s a club that has an impact that it isn’t usual in this league. But what happens to them doesn't interest me at all, I don't care. It's one more game, another chance to win again at O Vao.”

The bad moment of Deportivo: “This group is complicated and there are two teams at the top that nobody counted, such as Unionistas and Zamora. That makes the league, if possible, more competitive than expected. We all hoped to see Deportivo up there and that doesn't mean too much. Football is beautiful for things like this: not everything is money and having great teams, but there are other factors to not see Deportivo at the top.”

The state of the squad: “Ricky has a muscle issues, he is healing and we hope that, if it isn’t on next week, he should be available for the next one. Then Andriu and Antón are facing issues, but we hope that they could be ready.”

Playing without public: “The pity of this game is that we won’ have public. Besides, although I suppose any team will say the same, the people who go to O Vao help us a lot. We are going to miss them and it’s a pity, because I think a game as historic as this one should have public, because it’s Deportivo coming to O Vao and it’s played without an audience.”



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