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10 Feb 2021
Depor deepened its crisis in a game lost due to punctual reasons. The problems at midfield continue and the team is breaking negative marks as it hasn’t scored yet in 2021.

1- Punctual differences: The current crisis of Deportivo might be deeper than this game, but the reality is that Depor lost at O Vao due to punctual reasons. At minute 20, Lara dribbled three rivals for the first time on the season and only a miraculously save by Alberto prevented the goal, in the next play Coruxo FC found the goal after a big error of Abad. And when Depor were still assimilating the hit, the locals found the second goal in a clear, but at the same time accidental penalty. To round a game with punctual differences, and despite the thickness of Depor, the team met the woodwork three times at the end of the meeting.

2- End to the evolution: The defeat is a big hit for coach De La Barrera, because he has been justifying his work and the lack of results with the idea that the team was improving, but this game has only shown that the team is stuck in attack and deteriorating in defence. Some are even comparing him to what happened to Luis César Sampedro when he replaced Anquela.

3- The same old problem: midfield One of the main reasons to criticize De La Barrera is that he identified the big problems at midfield since his arrival, but so far nothing has been done to correct the problem. The midfielders continue to be plane, they just stand at the centre of the field passing the ball to the partner closer to them, the attackers are constantly moving backwards in order to have contact with the ball and later face a scenario in which they are alone against two or more rivals. That’s why Deportivo are unable to create opportunities, a good way to see the problem is the exception saw in the first half. At minute 20, Lara had to move backwards to midfield and get the ball, then he was able to dribble two rivals before moving to the centre, dribble a third man, and release the shot that was the biggest opportunity for Depor in the first half.

4- The references: A team is in trouble when the men called to be the references are resting instead of adding things. This is the situation of Uche Agbo, Borges and Keko Gontán. Uche was infamous in this match, he was playing delayed and in just ten minutes, he lost the ball twice, in the first only the save of Abad prevented the goal and the second turned into a counterattack cut by Mujaid. In the second half he was too slow in many opportunities and was close to lose the ball twice.

Later the case with Borges, who continues to be inconsequential, maybe not losing the ball, but neither able to drill a proper pass to the attackers. The unusual case was Keko, in previous games he has been able to unbalance on the right wing despite the problems at midfield, but in this game he was just unnoticed, reason why he was replaced at the middle of the second part.

5- The lads from Fabril: And in a game in which the references were off, the lads recently coming from Fabril were the ones that made a step forward. Diego Villares debuted and showed more than Borges, though without been able to drill an important pass. Rayco Rodríguez added some verticality and only missed to enjoy a clear chance to score. Special mention to ex-Fabril Borja Galán, who is just 25 minutes was the most dangerous player been a main actor in the three plays in which Depor met the woodwork.

6- The drought: 617 minutes without goals: The current crisis of Depor has no precedents in the history of the club, and that’s reflected in the drought of goals. Never before the team spent so much time without scoring a goal in the third tier of Spanish football. The last goal in liga was scored against Celta B on December 13, it means five and a half games without goals (513 minutes). The last goal in an official match was scored in Copa against CD el Ejido on December 17, and since then the team spent six and a half games without scoring (617 minutes without a goal). 




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