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10 Feb 2021
De La Barrera was trying to explain the defeat, while Miku was explaining why the team hasn’t scored a goal yet in 2021.

Coach Rubén De La Barrera was saying that the errors in the goals were really expensive for his team, "We started with an error in the output of the ball. Little by little we were able to carry out what we wanted. We had Lara's chance and then something happened that can never happen: to concede a goal from a set-pieces and a second goal that came preceded by a throw-in in which we were deactivated. The first half reflected something complicated for the second half. At half-time we tried to turn the situation around by introducing changes, a different operation. We turned the game to their field, a team that we knew was going to be locked at their side of the pitch. We were able to create situations and in the last 10.12 minutes, there were chances to put us back into the game."

Later the Galician coach was trying to explain the four modifications at half-time, "We tried to find solutions. What we wanted for Raí was to have a closer partner like Diego Villares. With Rayco we wanted to prevent them from jumping so that Hector [Hernández] could have comfortable situations to play and to release crosses into the area. And with Miku's arrival, we were looking for more presence, placing him in that right profile so that he could benefit from everything that happened on the left.”

He admitted that’s a difficult moment for the team, "In qualifying terms, it is a reality that Depor is worse and there are two options here: not to assume responsibilities and cut your wrists; or what has to be done, which is the only solution, and it’s to prepare for the next game against Guijuelo. There are five games left, fifteen points. It's complicated, that's the reality We are not throwing away the season. Now is when the real teams and the real families are seen. This has to happen, and we must reverse this situation that isn’t good."

De La Barrera also refuses to say that the promotion is no longer possible, “If we stick to the numbers, there is time to end among the top three. There are fifteen points left, and we are facing teams that are going to fight with the same situation. We need three points that could help us to break this dynamic, which is not good at all; and that will bring closer the next victories, because right now we have to win the five remaining games."

Miku was one of the novelties at half-time; he believes Depor lost due to punctual mistakes, "Specific mistakes cost games. They shot three times on goal and they scored two goals. We knew it could be a game of this style, very close, with a low defense and trying to go against it. When they scored, things were favorable for them and it was uphill for us. In the second half, despite hitting three times the posts, and harassing the opponent a lot, the ball didn’t enter in and you leave with a defeat.”

The Venezuelan striker was trying to explain the lack of goal at Deportivo, “Before we created few scoring chances and now a little more. The few goals we score were profitable with points. You are seeing positive things, but we aren’t taking that last little step that allows you to score. Look today the goalkeeper saved a goal against us, slips, hits the post... We are in that dynamic in which sometimes things don’t work out. It is up to us to reverse it. We have two options: either to sit and cry and lament; or show some courage to get this forward."

At Coruxo CF, Michel Alonso was satisfied with the performance of his team, “It’s hard to watch Deportivo at O Vao. It was an important day, because we needed the points. We are content with the result and for what we saw throughout the game. In the end, with what we have in front of us, it was a matter of seeing them not feeling comfortable, and we were able to defend with a low defence and control the game. They had options at the end of the game, but I believe we had the game under control.”  





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